PedalCurrent draw
4 knob Compressor, C2 Signature5 mA
Bassist Compressor15 mA
Caverns Delay/Reverb110 mA
Compressor (original 2 knob version)0.8 / 2.2 mA
Compressor +10 mA
Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier15 mA
Compressor Pro50 mA
Dynatrem60 mA
Gold Star Reverb65 mA
Jimi Hazel Echo Phase110 mA
Katana Clean Boost? mA, 9vDC only (internal voltage doubler)
Memphis Sun65 mA
Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe100 mA
Oxblood Overdrive23 mA
Red Dirt Mini overdrive7.5 mA
Seafoam Plus Chorus100 mA
The Absolüte Würst60 mA or more. Yup, that's what the specs say - I can't make up my mind if this pedal is a joke from Robert, but if it is, I took the bait 🙂