PedalCurrent draw
Analog Chorus* see note
Giggity35 mA
Micro Vibe20 mA max
Proctavia* see note
(center negative but positive ground - needs a separate/isolated power source)
Sparkle Drive* see note
Sparkle Drive Mod35 mA
Superfuzz* see note
Tremolo (4-knob version)12 mA
Wahzoo<30 mA
*Note: In earlier manuals/spec sheets, Voodoo Lab didn't specify current draw, other than to say that "none of our pedals draw more than 50mA".
Amp Selector<100 mA
Control Switcher100 mA
HEX Audio Loop Switcher100 mA
Pedal Switcher9vAC
PX-8, PX-8 Plus100 mA