PedalCurrent drawVoltage
AquaVibe250 mA9vDC (7-15vDC works)
Captain Coconut 29vAC
CC Hybrid 29 mA9vDC (requires isolated power source)
Festival Overdrive19 mA9vDC (18vDC max)
Hot Silicon Fuzz12 mA9vDC
Octron12 mA9vDC
Octron 220 mA9vDC (30vDC max)
Octron 312 mA9vDC (18vDC max)
Paradox TZF9vAC
Paradox TZF 2100 mA18vDC
Wah Retrofit Kit (FWR)3 mA (to be added to the current draw of the wah itself)9vDC
ZIM Dual Drive35 mA9vDC (higher voltages possible, but I don't know the upper limit)


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