About the Power List

The Power List is basically a collection of current draw figures for lots of guitar effects pedals. You can use it to figure out how much power you need from a power supply, or (which might be just as frequent) to find out why a certain pedal won’t work from the power supply you have… 🙂

This list isn’t complete – not by a longshot – but more a collection of findings. The list is updated as new measurements come in, so check back if your pedal isn’t listed. Or better yet, measure it yourself (here’s how), let me know the result, and I’ll post it here. Please don’t mail me with requests – if I don’t have it in the list, it is simply because I don’t have it.

If you’re looking for the list of power supplies, it’s at the end of the list (after the various pedal brands). Here’s a direct link.

List basics:

If there are two current draw figures posted (for instance 12/14 mA) they refer to the bypass/active modes. When you see the word (stated) added to the figure, it means the figure is the manufacturer’s official number, rather than measured by a user.

Voltage is assumed to be 9vDC, except where specified. I’ve recently started simplifying the list a littie, posting only bypass/active figures when there are significant differences and removing decimals (so 7.8mA turns into 8mA). The normal format will therefore be just a single mA figure, which makes the list a little easier to read.

Thank you:s and an invitation

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who contributes to this list – without you it would be much shorter.. Thanks! If you want to contribute, measure your pedal and e-mail the figures to me on andreas (at) stinkfoot.se, or simply leave them as a comment below.

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  1. TC Electronics Pedals:

    Corona Chorus – 75mA when on and 71.5mA in Bypass
    Polytune Mini – 44mA when on and 15.5mA in Bypass

    Digital pedals use lot of juice

  2. Fuchs Pure Gain® Plus 7.6mA when on and 6.6mA in Bypass
    Fulltone FullDrive 2 FM 7.6mA when on and 6.9mA in Bypass
    BBE Mind Bender 11mA when on and 9.7mA in Bypass
    Goran Custom FatBoy Overdrive 24.6mA when on and 9.4mA in Bypass
    Goran Custom Wah 0.5mA when on and 0.5mA in Bypass

  3. Retro-Sonic Chorus : 100 mA
    Retro-Sonic Phaser : 10 mA
    Hartman Analog Flanger : 30 mA
    Diamond Tremolo TRM-1 : 30 mA
    Neubaber Wet Reverb : 65 mA
    AnalogMan Comprossor : 10 mA
    Jam Pedals Retro Vibe : 65 mA
    Durham Electronics Crazy Horse : 18 mA
    Carl Martin Rock Bug : 25 mA
    Tech21 Boost DLA Tap Tempo : 50 mA

  4. Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh fuzz 4 mA
    MXR Micro Amp 3 mA
    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb 81 mA
    Whirlwind A/B-Y 12 mA max
    Young Pedals the Looker Tremolo 50 mA

  5. TC-Electronics- Flashback Delay & Looper – 100 mA (From specs in manual )
    EHX- Nano Small Stone – 12 mA ( from EHX forums)
    Ibanez SM7 Smash box distortion – 14 mA (From Effectsdatabase website)
    BOSS DS1 Distortion – 4 mA (Specs in Manual)
    VOX V845 wah – 540 uA ( from website)

  6. Hi Andrea, I am not sure how to contact you other than here. Apologies if this is not a good place to ask.

    Could you please teach me how to measure current draw for pedals that don’t operate by battery?


    1. Hi!

      To measure current draw, you need to get the meter inline with the power source. With battery-operated pedals that’s easy, since the battery (the power source) can be removed. With pedals that operate strictly on adapter power it gets trickier, as I doubt you want to dismantle the DC plug or cut the cable. I made a special cable that goes between the power supply and the pedal, where one of the wires is left open. That lets me insert the meter to measure the current flow. Time admitting, I might update the ”measure your pedal” page with pics of the contraption. But don’t hold me to it 🙂

  7. Hi, here are the measurements for my pedals etc. (via a DCT-200 & cut cable):

    Dunlop 105Q bass wah – 10mA
    Boss DD-5 digital delay – 57mA
    Boss GEB-7 bass EQ – 17mA
    Crowther Audio Hot Cake – 3mA
    Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard – 5mA
    Digitech X-Series bass synth wah – 84mA
    Boss LMB-3 bass limiter/enhancer – 14mA
    TC Electronic Polytune Mini – 45mA
    Line 6 Relay G30 receiver – 143mA
    Orchid Electronics Micro DI – 3mA


    John :^P

  8. Joyo Ultimate Drive -6mA
    Joyo Dynamic Compressor -11mA
    Ibanez CS5 -10mA
    Ibanez TL5 -7mA
    Ibanez CM5 -7mA
    Washburn Bad Dog Phaser -11mA
    Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser -2mA

  9. Thanks for your very helpful site!

    Rivera Acoustic Shaman Chorus: measured 41 mA @ 9vDC, both in active and bypass mode, with and without signal inputs.


  10. Empress pedal specs from the company’s website. All have a power input with are 2.1 mm barrel, negative tip. All use 9V DC, some also allow a range up to 12 or 18 volts:

    Compressor ~100mA
    Tape Delay Pedal ~280 mA
    Buffer ~42 mA
    Buffer+ ~42 mA
    Distortion ~35 mA
    Germ Drive ~35 mA
    Fuzz ~30 mA
    Multidrive ~110 mA
    Phaser ~120 mA
    Tap Tremelo ~30 mA
    Para EQ ~75 mA
    Midibox ~10 mA


  11. Xotic SP Compressor = 5mA
    Lastgasp Art Laboratories Angelring Boost = 3mA
    Lastgasp Art Laboratories Type 88 Super-oscillo Fuzz = 2.5mA
    Strymon El Capistan Tape Echo = 250mA
    SolidgoldFX Surfrider Reverb = 60mA (DC 9-12V)

  12. Thanks for keeping this cool site up.
    Do you think it would be a bad idea to use a ”current doubling” cable on two outputs in parallel on the BBE Supa Charger like the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power?

    1. Hi!

      It will work the same on the Supa Charger as on the Voodoo Lab one. Make sure the cable is for current doubling (i.e. that it’s wired in parallel) and that the outputs are the same voltage and setting, and it should work just fine.

  13. Ibanez Echo Shifter es-2: 70mA (awesome pedal btw !)
    JOYO JF-09 Tremolo: 1.5mA off, 2.5mA on
    JOYO JF-11 6 Band EQ: 13,5mA off, 14,5mA on
    JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive: 4,8mA off, 6,3mA on
    JOYO JF-10 Dynamic Compressor: 1,1mA off, 2,6mA on
    Biyang Tri-Reverb RV-10: 88,8mA off, 91,2mA on
    T-Rex Polyswitch: 19,2 (buffer on or off makes no difference)

    Awesome site ! and I hope these measurements of mine are a valuable addition 🙂

  14. Strymon Timeline [Without using Midi!] 236mA (Needs 248mA on startup)
    Strymon Deco 208mA (on startup: 218mA)
    Neunaber Wet Reverb 63mA
    Diamond Fireburst 16mA
    Digitech Bad Monkey 19mA
    Bright Onion Pedals Active ABY Pedal with Isolated Second Output 24mA
    Line6 Relay G30 140mA

  15. Great site and very useful info. Thanks!
    I saw that you lacked the current draw for this:
    Vox Satchurator 24mA (from Specs in manual)
    Looking forward to the updated list 😉

  16. Exotic SP compressor-2ma
    MXR Carbon Copy-12ma
    Petersen strobotuner-53ma
    Lovepedal Eternity-5ma
    Area 51 wha-6ma
    Mentone blue collar-25ma
    MXR analog chorus-12ma
    Sonic research turbo tuner-30ma

  17. Hi there,
    Hope this isn’t considered soliciting,.. if so my apologies!!
    But just an FYI. I recently completed and launched an iPhone app called ”StompBot” that gathers all of this info into 1 iPhone app. Adding new pedals everyday. Hope you enjoy!

  18. Awesome website!! Thanks for all the info.
    I thought I would contribute my pedals that weren’t listed here.

    Source Audio – Soundblox TriMod Phaser – 110 Ma or145 Ma (while using the Hot Hands feature)
    Source Audio – Soundblox 2 Bass Multiwave Distortion – 140Ma or180 Ma (while using the Hot Hands feature)
    Source Audio – Soundblox 2 Manta Bass Filter – 140Ma or 180 Ma (while using the Hot Hands feature)
    Digitech -Bass Synth Wah – 81 Ma not turned on and 86 Ma while on
    Electro Harmonix – Big Muff Pi Nano – 2.5 Ma
    Danelectro – T-Bone – 9 Ma
    Joyo -Vintage Phaser – 11 Ma
    Joyo – Analog Delay – 30 Ma

  19. Awesome site. I never realised my multi-meter could be so useful!
    Self-measured (active ratings) for my budget pedals:
    Artec SE-BEQ (bass eq with tuner) – 45mA
    Nux as-4 (Amp simulator) – 14mA
    Nux ch-3 (Chorus) – 16mA
    Digitech Bass Squeeze (compressor) – 80mA

  20. Here’s some more I collected in no particular order:

    Sonic Research Tuner 36mA
    TC Polytune 50mA
    EHX Pitch Fork 30mA
    Zvex Ooh Wah 2 6mA
    BE SS Twosome 20mA
    DOD Carcosa 4mA
    Wilson Colorful Tunable Wah 100mA
    Mythical OD 30mA
    Lil’ MO 30mA
    AnalogMan King of Tone 10mA
    Weehbo JCM Drive LTD 50mA

    Donnor Jet Convolution 10mA
    Donner Yellow Fall Delay 42mA
    Suhr Jack Rabbit Tremolo 20mA
    Boss TR-2 19mA
    Subdecay Anamnesis 100mA
    Catalinbread Topanga 60mA

    VFE Rocket EQ 40mA
    Zvex SHO 2mA
    VFE Pale Horse 35mA
    Electro Harmonix Soul Food 22mA

    BE Fuzz Bear 50mA
    DOD Carcosa 4mA
    Snouse Blackbox 2 25mA
    Basic Audio Scarab 10mA
    Wilson Haze Deluxe 100mA
    MXR Carbon Copy 26mA
    Mr Black Deluxe + 60mA
    Digitech Trio 500mA
    Digitech JamMan 200mA
    Digitech Supernatural 75mA
    Xotic SL 5mA
    Xotic SP 5mA
    Vick Audio Overdriver 8.5mA

    xVive W3 Memory Delay 100mA

    Boss FZ-2 16mA
    Boss FZ-3 6mA
    Boss SD-1 4mA
    Boss DS-1 4mA
    Boss OD-3 9mA
    Boss OS-2 12mA
    Boss BD-2 13mA
    Boss HM-2 10mA
    Boss GE-7 7mA
    Boss DD-7 55mA
    Boss DM-2W 35mA
    Boss RV-5 50mA
    Boss TR-2 20mA
    Boss VB-2W 35mA
    Boss BF-2 15mA
    Boss BF-3 40mA
    Boss LS-2 25mA


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