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Building a connection box for the pedalboard

Running a pedal chain in front of the amp is simple enough - plug the guitar cable into the input of the first pedal, and then connect a cable from the output of the last pedal to the amp. But what if you want to run some pedals in the amp's fx loop? That means you'd need to connect cables in the middle of the board, which can get messy. And what if you still want to be able to run the whole chain in front of an amp that doesn't have an fx loop? A pedalboard connection box will let you do all of that, and here's how it works... Read more [...]

How to add a killswitch to your guitar

We've all heard the effect, and possibly seen it too: a cool guitarist reaches for the pickup selector on his Les Paul, and starts to wiggle it back & forth to create a stuttering on/off sound. Trouble is, this only works on Les Pauls (and other guitars equipped with separate volume controls for the pickups). But fear not - this article will show you how to add a killswitch to any guitar. Read more [...]