PedalCurrent draw @ 9vDC
Blunderbuss Fuzz10-15 mA (9-18vDC, 9vDC preferred)
Cadavernous v2 Reverberator200 mA
Chrystal Dagger100 mA
Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe40 mA
Fubar (Fubär) Fuzz40 mA
Mantra Overdrive10-15 mA (9-18vDC)
Musket Fuzz v210-15 mA (9-18vDC, 9vDC preferred)
Sibling Analog Phaser200 mA (9-18vDC)
Special Twosome Deluxe (Musket and Blunderbuss version)50 mA
Twosome Dual Fuzz, Dual Fuzz VST mod50 mA
Whetstone v2 Analog Phaser & Modulator200 mA (9-18vDC)

Note: Except where specified as possible, the pedals should not be powered above 9 volts DC.

Black Country Customs/Laney