Welcome to stinkfoot.se!


What kind of site is this anyway?

Well… in the early 2000s, I started a website which mainly contained info on my guitars, amps, effects etc. I don’t know if anyone was really interested, but it was fun to write 🙂 Later on, it evolved into a DIY info site, with information about modifying pedals, how to power them and what true bypass is and isn’t. I also started listing current draw figures for guitar pedals, as a service to anyone who needed to know if their power supply would be able to handle the load. I also got the stinkfoot.se domain and started modifying pedals for other people, while moving the other stuff in under that domain.

In 2010, I took the plunge to move the site into the WordPress world. Most of it is now in blog form, so you can search categories, keywords etc. I’m still adding stuff – maybe not as frequently as before, but still… the site keeps growing.

The ”Stinkfoot pedaler” pages are in Swedish only – I’ve shrunk the number of pedals I mod for others, and decided to only target them to the Swedish public.


If you want to contact me, here it is:

andreas (at) stinkfoot.se

I don’t like spambots, but if you’re human I guess you know what to do with the (at) bit… 🙂