As of late – January 2023, to be precise – I’ve been on something of a bender updating the ”Power List” section of the website. It started with some relatively simple (albeit time-consuming) housekeeping – switching to a different system of generating the tables for each page – but quickly snowballed into a rather big update. As I went through each page, it dawned on me that almost all the manufacturers has had new products out which could be added to the list. In other cases, manufacturers had started listing figures for their entire range, which again could be added to the list. I have also added a bunch of new manufacturers to the list, making it nearly twice as big as before.

However, mainly due to my vanity – me wanting the links at the bottom of each page to refer to the previous and next manufacturers in alphabetical order, rather than by date – all the manufacturer pages has to have the same published date, in november 2010 (when the list in this form was first set up). This means that the additions won’t show up in the ”Most Recent” list to the right.

This post therefore has as its sole purpose to announce (in a form that will show up in the ”Most Recent” list) that the ”Power List” section has been – and is being – updated 🙂 So head on over there, if you haven’t already done that!