MakeModelCurrent draw
4ms (prev. 3ms)Tremulus Lune15 mA
Ace ToneFM-22 mA
AkaiHeadrush E1160 mA
Intelliphase P1 Analog Phaser30 mA
SB1 Deep Impact180 mA (stated)
UB1 UniBass140 mA (stated)
AmpegClassic20 mA
Scrambler20 mA
SCR-DI100 mA
AmptweakerTightdrive Pro22 mA
Analog ManComprossor10 mA
King of Tone10 mA
AriaAUM-1 Ultra Metal13.5 mA
ArionHU8500 tuner26 mA max
SCH-1 Stereo Chorus13 mA
ArtecAPW-3 Wah14 mA
SE-ADL Analog Delay23 mA
SE-BEQ Bass EQ and tuner45 mA (Artec says 27mA max)
Area 51Wah6 mA
AshdownBass Drive Plus60 mA
AtomicAmplifirebox215 mA
BarberDirect Drive11 mA
Basic AudioDuplex15 mA
PeakFreq10 mA
Scarab10 mA
BehringerBDI21 Bass DI24 mA
BEQ700 Bass EQ7 mA
BO100 Blues Overdrive13 mA
DM100 Distortion Modeler4 mA
RV600 Reverb Machine30 mA (stated – it seems low to me)
VP1 Vintage Phaser2 mA
BixonicExpandora II15 mA (stated)
Black Arts ToneworksPharaoh Fuzz4 mA
BognerBurnley, Harlow, Wessex, Oxford50 mA (stated minmum adapter capacity)
Ecstasy Red30 mA (192 mA on startup)
9vDC only!
Ecstasy Blue, La Grange, Uberschall(no mA figures, but probably similar to the Ecstasy Red)
9vDC only!
BoomstickBottom Feeder5 mA
Bright OnionActive ABY24 mA
Burford ElectronicsRing Modulus0.1 mA
Crowther AudioHotcake4 mA
Prunes & Custard5 mA
Damage ControlDemonizer, Glass Nexus, Liquid Blues, Solid Metal, TimeLine, Womanizerapprox 1000mA @ 9vAC
Death By AudioReverberation Machine54 mA
DemeterTremulator13 mA
Dentone900lb Violin3 mA
Alligator Boy30 mA
Buzzaround10 mA
Devi EverKaraoke Party1 mA
US Fuzz8 mA
Dr. JGreen Crystal OD6 mA
DurhamCrazy Horse18 mA
Sex Drive10 mA
E-Bow Plus11 mA
Ernie BallAmbient Delay
Expression Overdrive
MVP volume pedal3 mA
EthosClean I9vDC, 10 mA
Clean II9-18vDC, 30 mA
Overdrive35 mA (on battery power)
12vDC, 500mA unregulated adapter or 18vDC regulated
TWE-1 Overdrive25 mA
EventidePitchfactor/Timefactor/Modfactor/Space9vDC, 400mA (can be as high as 500mA at startup)

center positive 2.5mm plug
H99-12vDC, center positive 2.5mm plug.
Manufacturer recommends 500mA @ 9vDC or 375mA @ 12vDC
Note: I have seen a measurement of 262mA @ 9vDC, but don't know the circumstances (startup, playing or idle running, which preset, MIDI operation etc)
FuchsPure Gain7.6 mA
George DennisWah/Vol5 mA
Goran CustomFatboy Overdrive9.5 / 25 mA
Wah0.5 mA
Greedtone15 mA
Guitar FetishGFT-90 pedal tuner1.5 / 5 / 22 mA
HartmanAnalog Flanger30 mA
HBECompressor Retro30 mA
HermidaMosferatu7 / 15 mA
Zendrive7 / 13 mA
HiltonPro Guitar Volume30 mA
Hudson ElectronicsFuzz5 mA (center negative, positive ground)
Hughes & KettnerRed Box MK36 mA
Replex690 mA @ 13.4v AC
Tube Factor480 mA @ 13.4v AC
Tube Rotosphere720 mA @ 13.4v AC
ISPDecimator, Decimator G-string35 mA (stated)
JacquesFat Burner17 mA
Jam PedalsRetro Vibe65 mA
JaxFuzz Wah2.5 mA
JHSMini Foot Fuzz25 mA (9vDC only)
Lastgasp Art LaboratoriesAngelring Boost3 mA
Type 88 Super-oscillo fuzz2 mA
Line6DL-4, FM-4 (on 9vDC power)110 / 175-250 mA center positive
Constrictor, Crunchtone45 / 60 mA
Echo Park100 mA max
M59vDC, 350 mA
M99-12vAC, 800mA
9vDC, 600mA
12vDC, 480mA
(2.5mm plug at pedal end, center negative or positive does not matter)
Relay G30 wireless receiver143 mA
LocoboxRotophase12 mA
LovepedalAmp 1110 mA
Les Lius Overdrive19 mA
MagicBoy Vibe8 mA
Pickle Vibe3 mA
MenatoneBlue Collar25 mA
The King10 mA
Wreck't10 mA
MI AudioBoost ‘n’ Buff10 mA
Classic Distortion11 mA
Pollyanna15 mA
ModToneAnalog Delay29 mA
Mojo HandCream Pie<1 mA
Crosstown Fuzz2 mA
Sugar Baby Tremolo4 mA
MonacorSpring Reverb box26 mA
Mu-FXBoostron 39vDC, ? mA (apparently quite a lot)
Micro-Tron III9vDC, ? mA
Octave Divider12vAC, <200 mA
Tru-Tron 3X12vAC, <200 mA
Phasor 2X12vAC, <200 mA
N-audioFiresound v33 mA (9-12vDC)
Guitar Isolated Splitter/DI box9-18vDC (18vDC preferred), 20 mA
Two amps to cabinet80 mA (mono version)
130 mA (stereo version)
Neo InstrumentsMini Vent, Mini Vent II12vDC, 200 mA (center+)
Ventilator II12vDC, 300 mA (center +)
Orchid ElectronicsMicro DI3 mA
OxfuzzOxvibe20-35mA (fluctuating)
Paul CTim10 mA
PearlAD-08 analog delay14 mA
PetersonStroboStomp tuner pedal80 mA max
SS2 tuner57 mA max
Planet WavesPedal Tunerapprox 30 mA
ProCoRat II3 mA (modified versions up to 6.5 mA)
Vintage RAT0.5 / 1.2 mA
Retro-SonicChorus100 mA
Phaser10 mA
RiveraAcoustic Shaman Chorus41 mA
Rockett10 Ton Hammer5.3 mA
Archer Ikon26 mA (use 9vDC only)
Blue Note8 mA
Dude23 mA
Rockaway Archer30 mA (use 9vDC only)
SOS Buffer5 mA
Tim Pierce Signature Overdrive4 mA
RocktekCHR-01 Chorus10 mA
Metal Worker12 mA
RocktronBanshee / Banshee 21000mA @ 9vAC
Hush Pedal10 mA (stated)
Roger MayerVodoo Vibe TCapprox 25 mA (stated)
RolandAF-1001 mA
Rolls (RFX)MP-128 MidiBuddy80mA @ 9vDC (pedal will work with 7-15vAC or DC via the adapter jack, and 7-25vDC via phantom power)
SnouseBlackbox 2 Overdrive25mA @ 9vDC (18vDC max)
BlueLine9 mA
SobbatPB-2 PhaseBreaker18 mA
Solid Gold FXSurf Rider Reverb60mA
Sonic ResearchTurbo Tuner36 mA (0 mA when off!)
Turbo Tuner Mini45 mA
StageclixJack v4 (5.8 GHz receiver)181 mA (510 mA while charging)
Supro1303 Boost<20 mA
1304 Fuzz<20 mA
1305 Drive<20 mA
SweetsoundFillmore West Fuzz8 mA
TeeseReal McCoy RMC3 wah5.4 mA
ThorpyFXFallout Cloud / Muffroom Cloud12 mA (9vDC only)
UnivoxSuperfuzz (gray box)2 mA
Van WeeldenRoyal Overdrive9-18vDC, center negative
650 mA @ 9vDC
450 mA @ 12vDC
300 mA @ 18vDC
VFEPale Horse35 mA
Rocket EQ40 mA
Vick AudioOverdriver8.5 mA
Voodoo LabMicro Vibe20 mA max
Tremolo (4-knob)12 mA
WashburnBad Dog Phaser11 mA
WestburyW-08 Parametric EQ6 mA (stated)
WhirlwindABY12 mA
WMDUtility Parametric EQ35 mA
YamahaCH-10 MII Chorus13 mA
Young PedalsThe Looker50 mA


Zvex effects