MakeModelCurrent draw/voltage info
29 Pedals (Believable Audio)EUNA, FLWR, OAMPapprox 150mA at power-up
WHATEVER port accepts 7.5 to 35 volts AC or DC, either polarity
1981 InventionsDRV58 mA
4ms (prev. 3ms)Tremulus Lune15 mA
6 degrees FXFamicomp12 mA
Millie Fuzz MkII2 mA
R3 Distortion MkII9-18vDC, 6 mA
Rodeo Drive9-18vDC, 12 mA
Sally Drive Advanced9-18vDC, 11 mA
AbasiPathos30 mA
AC NoisesAMA100 mA
Respira100 mA
Urla100 mA
Ace ToneFM-22 mA
AmptweakerTightdrive Pro22 mA
AriaAUM-1 Ultra Metal14 mA
ArionHU8500 tuner26 mA max
MOC-1 Octave<5 mA
SCH-1 Stereo Chorus13 mA
SCH-Z Stereo Chorus<5 mA
SOD-1 Overdrive<5 mA
Area 51Wah2 mA
Asheville Music Tools (AMpT)ACV-1 Time Warping Chorus & Vibrato70-90 mA nominal, up to 250 mA at startup
ADG-1 Delay, ADG-1SE85 mA nominal, up to 250 mA at startup
AtomicAmplifirebox215 mA
BarberDirect Drive11 mA
Tone Press8 mA
Basic AudioDuplex15 mA
PeakFreq10 mA
Scarab10 mA
BelcatTRM-507 Tremolo20 mA
BixonicExpandora II15 mA (stated)
Black Arts ToneworksPharaoh Fuzz4 mA
BluGuitarBluBox VSC IR Speaker Emulator9-18vDC, 118 mA
BoomstickBottom Feeder5 mA
Bright OnionActive ABY24 mA
British Pedal CompanyCompact series:
BPC Rush Pepbox,
MK1 Tonebender,
MkII Tonebender,
NOS Rangemaster,
Zonk Machine
9vDC, 6 mA
(positive ground – requires separate/isolated power source)
Dumble Blackface Overdrive,
Dumble Silverface Overdrive
9-18vDC, 25 mA
BrunettiMercury Box, Mercury Box 214 mA
BuddaChakra Compressor12 mA
Karma Chorus52 mA
Burford ElectronicsRing Modulus<1 mA
CalineCP-12 Pure Sky7 mA
CP-70 High Chief17 mA
CeriatoneHorse Breaker ODI was sent a 100 mA figure, but it does seem too high (Ceriatone mentions being able to run the pedal on battery power, after all). A 100mA power supply would work just fine, though.
Chase ToneFuzz Fella BC108C, BC183C9vDC only
Purple Stardust9vDC, center positive (positive ground – requires separate/isolated power source)
Secret Preamp150mA (suggested adapter capacity), 9vDC only
Cloak AudioJackdaw Synth Fuzz40 mA
Coda EffectsBlack Hole<50 mA
Dolmen Fuzz<50 mA
Montagne Tremolo100 mA
Collision DevicesBlack Hole Symmetry250 mA max
Nocturnal400 mA max
Copilot FXBroadcast7 mA
Crowther AudioHotcake4 mA
Prunes & Custard5 mA
Damage ControlDemonizer, Glass Nexus, Liquid Blues, Solid Metal, TimeLine, Womanizerapprox 1000mA @ 9vAC
Damnation AudioDirtfixer97 mA startup, 35 mA continuous
Spite Box
David Ross Musical InstrumentsSpellbook16 mA
Winter Storm11 mA
DemeterTremulator13 mA
Dentone900lb Violin3 mA
Alligator Boy30 mA
Buzzaround10 mA
Devi EverKaraoke Party1 mA
US Fuzz8 mA
DiezelHerbert Preamp12vDC (12-18vDC input voltage range)
VH4 Pedal, VH4-212vDC (12-18vDC input voltage range)
Zerrer Preamp12vDC, 500 mA (12-18vDC input voltage range)
Dr. JAerolite Compressor2 mA
Green Crystal OD6 mA
DurhamCrazy Horse18 mA
Sex Drive10 mA
E-Bow Plus11 mA
EMAEP-18 Chorus15 mA
Emerson CustomPomeroy300 mA recommended
FFX PedalsSir Reel v2100 mA max, 9vDC only (internal voltage booster)
FlattleyCrazy Diamond Vibe40 mA
DG Fuzz50 mA
Nirvana Analogue Delay48 mA
FriedmanBE-OD13 mA
Motor City Drive9-12vDC, 350-400 mA
FuchsPure Gain8 mA
Gecko PedalsGeckoplex EP-59-12vDC, 300 mA (minimum adapter spec)
Genzler4 On The Floor Overdrive9-18vDC, 40 mA (either polarity)
re/Q Dual EQ 9-18vDC, 40 mA (either polarity)
George DennisWah/Vol5 mA
Glou GlouMoutarde Extra Forte100 mA
Pralines200 mA
Goran CustomFatboy Overdrive25 mA
Wah<1 mA
Great Eastern FX Co.Design-a-drive10 mA
Small Speaker Overdrive10 mA
Greer AmpsLightspeed11 mA
Southland10 mA
GrooveToneBassolution9-12vDC, 25 mA
Classic FET-DI9-18vDC, 5 mA
Ground FXAton150 mA
Keto200 mA
Guitar FetishGFT-90 pedal tuner1.5 / 5 / 22 mA
Guitar SystemsFuzztool Junior<5 mA
HallerGermanium 1
Germanium 2
10 mA
HartmanAnalog Flanger30 mA
HBECompressor Retro30 mA
HeptodeDeep Crunch20 mA
Heavy Drive25 mA
Virtuoso Phase Shifter45 mA
HermidaMosferatu15 mA
Rotary Reverb51 mA
Zendrive13 mA
HiltonPro Guitar Volume30 mA
Hologram ElectronicsChroma Console<500 mA
Dream Sequence<150 mA
Infinite Jets<200 mA
Microcosm<400 mA
HuimaRävä Ge Fuzz & Booster6 mA
JacquesFat Burner17 mA
JaxFuzz Wah3 mA
Kittycaster FXGroovy Wizard<1 mA (9-18vDC)
Tremdriver70 mA (9vDC only – internal voltage booster)
KernomRIDGE250 mA (300 mA minimum capacity recommended)
KinotoneRibbons160 mA
KlonKTR22 mA
KlirrtonWellenbrecher<10 mA (9-18vDC)
Wellenmonster<10 mA (9-18vDC)
Komet AmplificationK.O.D.A. Overdrive6 mA
Kyro AudioKuki Guitar Preamp25mA @ 9vDC
50mA @ 18vDC
Lastgasp Art LaboratoriesAngelring Boost3 mA
Type 88 Super-oscillo fuzz2 mA
LiveWire SolutionsABY Box1 mA (power only for LEDs)
LocoboxRotophase12 mA
Lusithand DevicesAlma Compressor9-18vDC, 35-57 mA
MarleauxTonwerk Bass Preamp9-12vDC, 25 mA
Matero EffectsGolden Resortes60 mA
Mr. Comando3 mA
Milkman SoundF-Stop Reverb/Tremolo200 mA (9vDC only – internal voltage booster)
Pop Top Boost110 mA (9vDC only – internal voltage booster)
ModToneAnalog Delay29 mA
MonacorSpring Reverb box26 mA
N-audioFiresound v33 mA (9-12vDC)
Guitar Isolated Splitter/DI box9-18vDC, 25 mA
Two amps to cabinet200 mA (mono version)
350 mA (stereo version)
15 mA @ 9vDC
25 mA @ 18vDC
14 mA @ 9vDC
18 mA @ 18vDC
OgreChronomaster27 mA
Thunderclap13 mA
Tubeholic6 mA
OnerrNC-2 Nitrogen Chorus67 mA
Orchid ElectronicsMicro DI3 mA
OrtegaHorsekick Pro30 mA
OxfuzzOxvibe20-35 mA (fluctuating)
PandaMIDIFuture Impact v39vDC, 100 mA (adapter requirement)
Paul C AudioTim10 mA
Tim v330 mA (internal voltage doubler – 9vDC only!)
Timmy4 mA
PearlAD-08 analog delay14 mA
PedaltrainDaylight Overdrive9vDC only, <10 mA
Nightlight Distortion9vDC only, <10 mA
PetersonStroboStomp tuner pedal80 mA max
SS2 tuner57 mA max
StroboStomp HD80 mA
StroboStomp Mini85 mA (9vDC jack or USB-C)
Pirate MIDIBridge4, Bridge6200 mA
Click200 mA
µLoop250 mA
Planet WavesPedal Tunerapprox 30 mA
Polarbear EffectsAscender110 mA (9vDC only)
Drowner3160 mA (9vDC only)
Poly EffectsBeebo500 mA (recommended supply rating)
(9vDC only)
Flat V120 mA (9vDC only)
Verbs500 mA (recommended supply rating)
(9vDC only)
ProCoRat II3 mA (modified versions up to 7-8 mA)
Vintage RAT<2 mA
PRSHorsemeat16 mA
Mary Cries8 mA
Wind Through the Trees22 mA
Pushking Effects333/666 German Distortion120 mA
Radial EngineeringVoco-Loco15vDC, 400 mA
Raygun EffectsSuper Fuzz Bender6 mA
Recovery EffectsGhost Writer<100 mA
Pearl<1 mA
Rift AmplificationEL34 EQ and Boost Pedal10 mA
RiveraAcoustic Shaman Chorus41 mA
Rockboard by WarwickST-01 v2 Stage Tuner22 mA
ST-02 StageTuner250 mA
Rockfabrik EffectsBuffy Coat Buffer40 mA
RocktekCHR-01 Chorus10 mA
Metal Worker12 mA
Overdrive<5 mA
RocktronBanshee / Banshee 21000mA @ 9vAC
Hush Pedal10 mA (stated)
Roger MayerVodoo Vibe TCapprox 25 mA (stated)
RolandAF-1001 mA
Rolls (RFX)MP-128 MidiBuddy80mA @ 9vDC (pedal will work with 7-15vAC or DC via the adapter jack, and 7-25vDC via phantom power)
Rothwell AudioTornado”2.6 mA when bypassed” (so more when active – still, I’d guess below 10-15 mA)
RubyEQWAH<5 mA
SantonoUNO Preamp<20 mA
SarnoEarth Drive9 mA
SchallerFuzz<5 mA
Fuzz Sustain<5 mA
Wah-wah Yoy-yoy<5 mA
Scott McKeonSM Fuzz9vDC, positive ground – needs a separate/isolated power source. Center negative? (description is unclear, but nothing is mentioned of having to use a converter/reverse polarity cable)
SM Octave Fuzz9vDC, negative ground, center negative
SennheiserXSW-D Pedalboard base/receiver110 mA (340 mA when charging transmitter)
ShureGLXD16+ receiver9-15vDC, 400 mA max (either polarity)
SilktoneFuzz9vDC, center negative. Positive ground – needs a separate/isolated power source.
Singular SoundAeros Loop Studio
Aeros Gold Edition
9vDC, 300mA (probably adapter spec)
BeatBuddy Mini 2
9vDC, 300mA (probably adapter spec)
MIDI Maestro9vDC, 300mA (probably adapter spec)
Skipper’s AmpsBoost Unit<1 mA
Smallsound/BigsoundTeam Awesome11 mA (9vDC only)
SnouseBlackbox Classic, Duo, Mini9-18vDC
Blackbox 2 Overdrive25mA @ 9vDC (18vDC max)
BlueLine9 mA
SobbatPB-2 PhaseBreaker18 mA
Solar GuitarsChug85 mA
SoldanoSLO pedal32 mA (9vDC only)
Sonic ResearchTurbo Tuner36 mA (0 mA in bypass)
Turbo Tuner Mini45 mA (0 mA in bypass)
Spiral Electric FXBlack Spiral II7 mA
Yellow Spiral LM741 Overdrive10 mA
White Spiral Boost20 mA (9vDC only)
StageclixJack v4 (5.8 GHz receiver)181 mA (510 mA while charging)
Steel PantherPoontang Boomerang27 mA
P***y Melter12 mA
SweetsoundFillmore West Fuzz8 mA
Tallon ElectricThe Hog19 mA (9vDC only)
TeeseReal McCoy RMC3 wah6 mA
TomslineShaper Cab simulator67 mA
Tone FreakAbunai 27 mA
TWA (Totally Wycked Audio
Side Step<100 mA
Two NotesReVolt Bass, Guitar12vDC center negative, 600 mA
Torpedo C.A.B. M+12vDC center negative, 200 mA
UnivoxSuperfuzz (gray box)2 mA
Unsound CircuitryHyper Pozzum v130 mA (9vDC only)
Shivver15 mA (9vDC only)
Woes10 mA
Van WeeldenRoyal Overdrive9-18vDC, center negative
650 mA @ 9vDC
450 mA @ 12vDC
300 mA @ 18vDC
VFEPale Horse35 mA
Rocket EQ40 mA
Vick AudioOverdriver9 mA
WashburnBad Dog Phaser11 mA
WestburyW-08 Parametric EQ6 mA (stated)
WhirlwindABY12 mA
Wilson EffectsFreaker Wah15 mA
YamahaCH-10 MII Chorus13 mA
Young PedalsThe Looker50 mA
ZutaAll pedalsPreferred supply current/voltage specs:
9vDC, 200 mA (18vDC max)

Zvex effects