PedalCurrent draw
Toneprint series
Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo100 mA max
Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo300 mA max
Arena Reverb100 mA max
Bonafide Buffer40 mA max
Brainwaves Pitch Shifter100 mA max
Corona Chorus75 mA
Corona Mini Chorus100 mA max
Dark Matter Distortion16 mA
Ditto Looper100 mA max
Ditto Mic LooperThe supplied psu is stated as 12vDC/400mA, while the stated 5.6w power consumption actually comes out to 466mA. So use the TC adapter, or plan on feeding it 12vDC, at least 500mA.
Ditto Stereo Looper100 mA max
Ditto X2 Looper100 mA max
Ditto Jam X2 Looper150 mA max
Ditto X4 Looper300 mA max
Dreamscape? (100mA max)
Flashback Delay86 mA
Flashback 2 Delay100 mA max
Flashback Mini100 mA max
Flashback Triple Delay300 mA
Flashback X4 Delay250 mA max
Hall of Fame Reverb90 mA
Hall of Fame 2 Reverb100 mA max
Hall of Fame Mini100 mA max
Helix Phaser100 mA max
HyperGravity Compressor100 mA max
Mimiq Doubler100 mA max (conflicting info in the manual - the specs also recommend a 300+ mA adapter)
MojoMojo Overdrive16 mA
Pipeline Tap Tremolo100 mA max
Polytune46 mA (0.4 mA in bypass)
Polytune Mini44 mA (15 mA in bypass)
Quintessence Harmonizer100 mA max
Röttweiler Distortion16 mA
Sentry Noise Gate100 mA max
Shaker Vibrato100 mA max
Shaker Mini Vibrato100 mA max
Spark Booster16 mA
Spark Mini Booster40 mA max
Spectracomp Bass Compressor100 mA max
Sub 'N' Up Octaver100 mA max
T2 Reverb100 mA max
Viscous Vibe100 mA max
Vortex Flanger100 mA max
Vortex Mini Flanger100 mA max
Wiretap Riff Recorder100 mA max
"Smorgasbord of tone" / Analog Armada / Sonic Specialist series
3rd Dimension Chorus25 mA
Afterglow Chorus14 mA
Blood Moon Phaser18 mA
Choka Tremolo10 mA
Cinders Overdrive14 mA
Crescendo Auto Swell10 mA
Drip Spring Reverb100 mA
El Mocambo Overdrive10 mA
Echobrain Analog Delay< 25 mA
Eyemaster Metal Distortion10 mA
Fangs Metal Distortion8 mA
Flourescence Shimmer Reverb100 mA
Forcefield Compressor5 mA
Gauss Tape Echo100 mA
Grand Magus Distortion12 mA
Iron Curtain Noise Gate20 mA
Nether Octaver10 mA
Rush Booster8 mA
Rusty Fuzz7 mA
Skysurfer Reverb (digital)100 mA
Tailspin Vibrato11 mA
The Prophet Digital Delay< 100 mA
Thunderstorm Flanger14 mA
Tube Pilot Overdrive400 mA (from the Quick Start guide - the website says 300 mA, so YMMV)
Vibraclone Rotary100 mA
Nova series
Nova Delay12vDC, 300 mA
Nova Drive12vDC, 380 mA
Nova Modulator12vDC, 300 mA
Nova Repeater12vDC, 300 mA
Nova Reverb12vDC, 300 mA
Original pedals
Integrated Preamp2 mA (max)
Sustain + Parametric Equalizer7 mA
XII Phaser9 mA
Classic and Vintage series, modern old-style pedals etc
Classic Booster + Distortion20 mA (stated)
Classic Sustain + Parametric Equalizer20 mA (stated)
Classic TCXII Phaser20 mA (stated)
Vintage Bass Distortion20 mA (stated)
Vintage Compressor20 mA (stated)
Vintage Delay12vDC, 300 mA (stated)
Vintage Distortion20 mA (stated)
Vintage Dual Distortion20 mA (stated)
Vintage Octa Screamer30 mA (stated)
Vintage Overdrive20 mA (stated)
Vintage Tremolo20 mA (stated)
Vintage Tube Primer20 mA (stated)
VPD-1 Vintage Pre Drive120 mA (stated)


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