PedalCurrent drawVoltageNotes
BassIQ Envelope Filter18 mA9vDC
BassIQ Blue Label55 mA max9-18vDC
Billy Sheehan Signature Drive15 mA max9-12vDC
Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Deluxe35 mA max9-12vDC
Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive60 mA max9-18vDC
Black Haze Distortion/Overdrive30 mA max9-12vDC
Drive Me Crazy Distortion/Overdrive30 mA max9-12vDC
DPhaser110 mA max9vDC
DynaVerb80 mA9vDC
DynaVerb Studio Edition, Guitar Edition100 mA max9-12vDC
FuzzMo7 mA9vDC
MetalDrive18 mA9vDC
MetalDrive Studio Edition25 mA max9-12vDC
MicroBass II10 mA (80 mA with phones)9vDC
MicroBass 3750 mA max (450 mA idle)9vDC The numbers are specs from EBS’ website. Interestingly, the label on the pedal itself says 9vDC, 400 mA…
MultiComp12 mA9vDC
MultiComp Blue Label45 mA max9-18vDC
MultiComp Studio Edition, Guitar Edition35 mA max9-12vDC
MultiDrive15 mA9vDC
MultiDrive Studio Edition30 mA max9-12vDC
OctaBass10 mA9vDC
OctaBass Blue Label40 mA max9-18vDC
OctaBass Studio Edition30 mA max9-12vDC
Red Twister Guitar Edition35 mA max9vDC
ReTracer Delay Workstation200 mA max (100 mA @ 18vDC) stated9-18vDC (no tonal benefit from the higher voltage, according to EBS)I have been sent measured figures of 210 mA @ 9vDC and 240 mA @ 18vDC, which differs quite a bit from the stated figures. Will confirm this, when/if I get the chance.
Stanley Clarke signature Acoustic Preamp800 mA max (500 mA idle)9vDC
Stanley Clarke signature Wah/Tone Filter25 mA9vDC
The Drive Boost/Overdrive30 mA max9-12vDC
TremoLo20 mA max9vDC
UniChorus20 mA9vDC
UniChorus Studio Edition35 mA max9-12vDC
ValveDrive500 mA12vACImportant: do not use this power supply for any other pedal, including the newer ValveDrive DI!
ValveDrive DI700 mA9vDC
Wah One25 mA9vDC

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