PedalCurrent drawVoltage
BassIQ Envelope Filter18 mA9vDC
BassIQ Blue Label55 mA max9-18vDC
Billy Sheehan Signature Drive15 mA max9-12vDC
Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Deluxe35 mA max9-12vDC
Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive60 mA max9-18vDC
Black Haze Distortion/Overdrive30 mA max9-12vDC
Drive Me Crazy Distortion/Overdrive30 mA max9-12vDC
DPhaser110 mA max9vDC
DynaVerb80 mA9vDC
DynaVerb Studio Edition, Guitar Edition100 mA max9-12vDC
FuzzMo7 mA9vDC
MetalDrive18 mA9vDC
MetalDrive Studio Edition25 mA max9-12vDC
MicroBass II10 mA (80 mA with phones)9vDC
MicroBass 3750 mA max (450 mA idle)9vDC
MultiComp12 mA9vDC
MultiComp Blue Label45 mA max9-18vDC
MultiComp Studio Edition, Guitar Edition35 mA max9-12vDC
MultiDrive15 mA9vDC
MultiDrive Studio Edition30 mA max9-12vDC
OctaBass10 mA9vDC
OctaBass Blue Label40 mA max9-18vDC
OctaBass Studio Edition30 mA max9-12vDC
Red Twister Guitar Edition35 mA max9vDC
ReTracer Delay Workstation200 mA max (100 mA @ 18vDC)9-18vDC
Stanley Clarke signature Acoustic Preamp800 mA max (500 mA idle)9vDC
Stanley Clarke signature Wah/Tone Filter25 mA9vDC
The Drive Boost/Overdrive30 mA max9-12vDC
TremoLo20 mA max9vDC
UniChorus20 mA9vDC
UniChorus Studio Edition35 mA max9-12vDC
ValveDrive500 mA12vAC (important: do not use this power supply for any other pedal, including the newer ValveDrive DI)
ValveDrive DI700 mA9vDC
Wah One25 mA9vDC

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