PedalCurrent draw
MF-101 Low Pass Filterapprox 100mA (stated), center +
MF-102 Ring Modulatorapprox 100mA (stated), center +
MF-103 12-stage Phaserapprox 100mA (stated), center +
MF-104M Analog Delay/Super Delayminimum 400mA (stated), center +
MF-104Z Analog Delayapprox 300mA (stated), center +
MF-105M Midi MuRFapprox 240mA (stated), center +
MF-107 Freqboxapprox 200mA (stated), center +
MF-108M Cluster Fluxminimum 300mA (stated), center +
CP-251 Control Processorminimum 200mA (stated), center +

MF Boost8 mA
MF Delay25 mA
MF Drive10 mA
MF Ring12 mA
MF Trem11 mA

Note: while the big box Moogerfoogers require a center positive (reverse polarity) plug, the smaller Minifoogers use normal center negative (Boss spec) plugs.