PedalCurrent draw
2Wah10 mA
3 Band Parametric Preamp90 mA max*
AC Tone50 mA max*
AC-Tone Single Channel62 mA max
Ampster1A (1000mA) power supply
Andy Timmons Signature Compressor/Limiter130 mA max
Atlantic Chorus20 mA
Axis Flanger25 mA
Blue Ranger7 mA
Boost Kick12 mA
Chorus XII90 mA max*
Classic Chorus20 mA
Classic Flanger25 mA
Classic Optical Compressor 20 mA
Classic Optical Envelope Filter14 mA
Compressor/Limiter90 mA max*
Comp/Limiter130 mA max
Contour & Boost90 mA max*
Crunch Drive12 mA
Delayla240 mA max*
Delayla XL150 mA max*
Dual Injection68 mA
Echotone160 mA max*
Headroom10 mA
Heavy Drive12 mA
Honey Comp130 mA max
Hot Drive ’n Boost (mk 1, 2 and 3)60 mA max*
Hydra Boost10 mA
Ottawa Envelope Filter/Wah14 mA
Panama65 mA
PlexiTone60 mA max*
PlexiTone Single Channel62 mA max
Plexitone Lo-gain (Single Channel)62 mA
Purple Moon62 mA
Red Repeat40 mA
Rock Drive12 mA
Surf Trem28 mA
The Fuzz150 mA max*
TOD11 mA
TremO’vibe200 mA max*
Two Faze90 mA max*

Bass Effects
Bass Chorus130 mA max*
Bass Drivemains power (selectable 115/240vAC)

Multi Effects
Acoustic Gig9-12vDC, 500 mA max
Quattromains power
(separate 115vAC and 240vAC models)

Buff Deluxe12 mA
Match Box12 mA
Noise Terminator12 mA
Octa-Switch Mk2, Mk3380 mA max (500 mA recommended)
Octa-Switch The Strip560 mA max (600+ mA recommended)
ParaLoop10 mA
Rock Bug25 mA
Route Box15 mA
Tuner80 mA

*Note: from january 2016, the Carl Martin Pro-Series pedals were changed from mains power to 9vDC. If yours (or the one you’re about to buy) is older than january 2016, be aware that it is mains powered. Since most (or all) of the pre-2016 mains powered units didn’t have mains voltage selectors, you can’t use a US-spec pedal in Europe (and vice versa) directly.

Please note that Carl Martin also lists a minimum current capacity figure for the power supply to use with each pedal, which is roughly 25-40% above the stated max current draw figure (e.g. 130mA minimum for a 90mA pedal). I have listed the stated max current draw figures, to stay consistent with the rest of the Power List, but it is always a good idea to make sure your supply has some capacity left.