PedalCurrent draw
A.D. (Omicron)50 mA
B:Assmaster180 mA
Chaos50 mA
Charlie Foxtrot50 mA
Chicklet102 mA
Chorus (Omicron)50 mA
Comp (Omicron)50 mA
Diabolik50 mA
E.Filter50 mA
Ekko 61625 mA (use only 9vDC regulated)
Ekko 616 MkII (incl Dark and lofi versions)50 mA (use only 9vDC regulated)
Fetish MkII50 mA
Fetish MkIII50 mA
Fuzz (Omicron)50 mA
Helium MkII50 mA
Helium MkII50 mA
Phase (Omicron)50 mA
Plus Ultra 12350 mA
Scrutator50 mA
Sloika MkII50 mA
Sloika MkII? but I suspect 50 mA 🙂
Sneak Attack50 mA
Spring (Omicron)85 mA
Spring Chicken90 mA
Trem (Omicron)50 mA
Unity MkII50 mA
Unity MkII50 mA
Vibrato (Omicron)50 mA

Note: Current draw figures are as listed by the manufacturer. As you can see, most pedals here are listed at 50mA, which to me seems like a blanket figure. In other words, some of those may well use less than 50mA, and if I get any measurements sent to me, I’ll update the list.


Mad Professor