PedalCurrent drawVoltage
Bastard14 mA9-18vDC
Dumbledore30 mA [? mA]9vDC
Helldrive68 mA [73 mA]9vDC
Hellfire25 mA9-18vDC
JCM Drive28 mA [51 mA]9vDC
JCM Drive LTD50 mA9vDC
JMP Drive28 mA9-18vDC
JTM Drive26 mA9-18vDC
JVM Drive30 mA [? mA]9vDC
Mastiff20 mA9-18vDC
Morbid Drive37 mA [75 mA]9vDC
Plexdrive11 mA9-18vDC
Plexface5 mA [12 mA]9vDC
SLO Drive30 mA [? mA]9vDC
Tackleberry Preamp<30 mA9vDC

Note: The pedals that say ”9vDC” should not be powered above 9vDC. Some or all of those have internal voltage doubling circuitry, which in some cases is switchable. Where applicable, current draw figures in brackets are with the ”Dynamic” (9/18 volts internal voltage setting) control in the 18v setting (towards the right).

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