PedalCurrent drawVoltage
BJF Series
Anodized Brown Distortion4 mA6-18vDC
Baltic Blue Fuzz6 mA9vDC
Crimson Red Bass Preamp1 mA9-15vDC
Granith Grey Booster1 mA9vDC
Hooker's Green Bass Machine12 mA9-18vDC
Lemon Yellow Compressor10 mA9vDC
Little Copper Chorus60 mA8-12vDC
Little Green Emphaser2 mA9-18vDC
Persian Green Screamer? (most likely less than 10 mA)9-18vDC
Prussian Blue Reverb60 mA8-12vDC
Purple Humper3.6 mA9vDC
Sea Turquoise Delay
Strawberry Red Overdrive10.7 mA9-18vDC
Tiger Lily Tremolo1.5 mA9vDC
Nominal voltage for all units is 9vDC - some have a listed span (e.g. 9-18vDC) which indicate min/max voltage. Do not exceed the max voltage listed!
Crocodile Tail Loop450 mA max9vDC
CrocEye50 mAPowered from Crocodile Tail
Chamaeleo Tail Loop MkII200 mA max9vDC
Salamandra Tail Loop160 mA9vDC
Gecko MkII4 mA (battery)
25 mA max (power supply)
Iguana Tail Loop MkII15 mA9vDC*
Xenagama Tail Loop MkII9vDC*
Minimal Series
1 Loop Box9vDC*
AB Box9vDC*
BJF Buffer Split3 mA9vDC
Black Loop4 mA9vDC*
White Loop4 mA9vDC*
Mosquite Blender9vDC
Mosquite Blender Expressio9vDC
Tri Loop100 mA max9vDC
*Note: the unit can be run passively - the power input is only needed for LED operation and DC outputs.