PedalCurrent drawMax voltage
AC Booster6 mA15vDC
AC Booster Comp10 mA max18vDC
AC Plus15 mA max18vDC
AC/RC-OZ (Oz Noy limited model)6 mA18vDC
BB Plus15 mA max18vDC
BB Preamp, Bass BB Preamp6 mA15vDC
BB Preamp V1.56 mA18vDC
BB Preamp Andy Timmons Edition15 mA max15vDC
BB Preamp Comp10 mA max15vDC
BB Preamp MB15 mA max15vDC
EP Booster5 mA18vDC
RC Booster, Bass RC Booster6 mA15vDC
RC Booster V2, RC Booster SH, Bass RC Booster V26 mA18vDC
Robotalk (original version)+/- 9vDC (dual batteries only)
Robotalk 25 mA18vDC
Robotalk Reissue20 mA9vDC
SL Drive5 mA18vDC
Soul Driven, Soul Driven AH6 mA18vDC
SP Compressor5 mA18vDC
Super Clean Buffer5 mA18vDC
Super Sweet Booster5 mA18vDC
X-Blender20 mA18vDC
X-W1 Wah5 mA18vDC

Note: All pedals – except the original Robotalk – are designed to run from a 9vDC supply, and current draws listed are at 9vDC. ”Max voltage” is listed for those who want to try higher voltages, for more headroom.

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