PedalCurrent draw
Analog Effects series
AS-4 Amp Simulator14 mA
CH-3 Chorus16 mA

Core series
Boost Core Deluxe4 mA
Komp Core Deluxe2 mA
Loop Core300 mA (adapter spec – actual draw will be less)
Loop Core Deluxe70 mA
Metal Core Deluxe42 mA
Mod Core60 mA
Mod Core Deluxe48 mA
Octave Loop60 mA
Scream Bass Overdrive11 mA
Tape Core Deluxe103 mA
Time Core Deluxe103 mA

Mini Core series
Brownie (NDS-2)90 mA (factory spec – seems high for an analog[?] circuit)
Damp Reverb (NRV-3)<100 mA
Edge Delay (NDD-3)<100 mA
Flow Tune (NTU-3)<100 mA
HD Pitch (NTU-2)<100 mA
Horseman (NOD-1)20 mA (internal voltage doubler – 9vDC only!)
JTC Drum & Loop (NDL-2)75 mA
Konsequent Digital Delay (NDD-2)75 mA
Lacerate FET Boost (NFB-2)75 mA (internal voltage doubler – 9vDC only!)
Mini SCF (NCH-5)<100 mA
Mini Studio (NSS-3)
Monterey Vibe (NCH-1)90 mA
Morning Star (NOD-3)90 mA
Oceanic Digital Reverb (NRV-2)90 mA
Pulse (NSS-4)<150 mA
Rivulet Chorus (NCH-2)90 mA
Sculpture (NCP-2)90 mA (factory spec – seems high for an analog[?] circuit)
Tube Man MkII (NOD-2)90 mA (factory spec – seems high for an analog[?] circuit)
UKIYO-E Chorus (NCH-4)<100 mA
Voodoo Vibe (NCH-3)<100 mA

Reissue series
Analog Chorus<20 mA
Analog Delay<20 mA
Plexi Crunch<20 mA
Rec To Distortion<20 mA
Steel Singer<20 mA
XTC OD<20 mA

Verdugo series
Ace of Tone (NDO-5)<100 mA
Atlantic (NDR-5) Delay & Reverb85 mA
Amp Academy (NGS-6)300 mA
Duotime (NDD-6)<150 mA
Fireman (NDS-5)<100 mA (switchable internal voltage doubler – 9vDC only!)
Drum & Loop PRO (NDL-5)<100 mA
Masamune (NBK-5) Booster & Kompressor20 mA
MLD Bass Preamp + DI (NBP-5)<150 mA
Optima Air (NAI-5)<200 mA
Queen of Tone (NDO-6)52 mA
Solid Studio (NSS-5)<240 mA
Stageman Floor (NAP-5) Acoustic Preamp180 mA
Tape Echo (NDD-7)<150 mA (approx 100 mA stated)

Amp Force, Mod Force, Roctary Force, Time Force300 mA (recommended adapter spec)
Cerberus Integrated Effects & Controller (NME-3)275 mA
Drive Force120 mA
MG-30 Modeler250 mA
MG-400 Modeler<280 mA