PedalCurrent draw
Acapulco Gold18 mA
Afterneath65 mA (spec sheet says 100 mA)
Aqueduct Vibrato68 mA
Arpanoid Polyphonic Pitch Arpeggiator65 mA
Arrows Pre-Amp Booster8 mA
Astral Destiny85 mA
Avalanche Run425 mA (EQD recommends using the supplied 1A adapter)
Bellows8 mA
Bit Commander25 mA
Bows9 mA
Cloven Hoof10 mA
Data Corrupter26 mA
Dirt Transmitter3 mA
Disaster Transport SR100 mA
Dispatch Master78 mA
Dunes30 mA
Erupter15 mA
Fuzz Master General10 mA
Ghost Echo86 mA
Grand Orbiter15 mA (previous figure was 45 mA)
Gray Channel14 mA
Hizumitas Fuzz Sustainar10 mA
Hoof15 mA
Hoof Reaper18 mA
Hummingbird10 mA
Interstellar Orbiter30 mA
Levitation50 mA
Night Wire Harmonic Tremolo65 mA
Organizer81 mA
Palisades45 mA
Park Fuzz Sound3 mA
Plumes25 mA
Pyramids Stereo Flanger460 mA (EQD recommends using the supplied 1A adapter)
Rainbow Machine68 mA
Sea Machine Super Chorus40 mA
Space Spiral50 mA
Spatial Delivery68 mA
Speaker Cranker2 mA
Special Cranker15 mA (9-18vDC)
Spires14 mA
Sunn Life Pedal15 mA
Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler40 mA
Tentacle10 mA
Terminal10 mA
The Depths Analog Optical Vibe Machine21 mA (9-18vDC)
Tone Job21 mA (9-18vDC)
Transmisser70 mA
The Warden Optical Compressor31 mA
Westwood18 mA

Note: EarthQuaker Devices specifially cautions against using higher voltages with their pedals, except for the two that are listed as being capable of using 9-18vDC. Another two (Bellows and Bows) simply say ”9vDC”, without the caution. Still, I’d stick to 9vDC, just to play it safe.

In January 2023, I looked over the specs on the EQD site (to add a few new pedals), and saw that some of the current draws listed had changed. In most cases not by a huge amount, and most of them up a little. It really shouldn’t matter, though, even if a pedal changed from 2 to 18 mA, as you should never cut it that close anyway (you should always leave at least 25-30% headroom in the supply capacity).

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