PedalCurrent draw @ 9vDCVoltage range
182 mA8-12vDC
Albert’s Overdrive7 mA9vDC
Amber Overdrive2.5 mA7.5-12vDC
Big Tweedy Drive10 mA7.5-12vDC (9vDC recommended)
Blueberry Bass Overdrive4 mA8-12vDC
Bluebird Overdrive Delay47 mA7.5-12vDC
Deep Blue Delay32 mA8-15VDC
Dual Blue Delay80 mA8.5-12vDC
Electric Blue Chorus40 mA9-12vDC
Evolution Orange Underdrive10 mA8-18vDC
Fire Red Fuzz2.5 mA7.5-18vDC
Forest Green Compressor14 mA9-18vDC
Golden Cello43 mA9-12vDC
Kosmos90 mA8.5-12vDC
Little Green Wonder4 mA7.5-18vDC
Little Green Wonder (handwired)6 mA7.5-18vDC
Little Tweedy Drive15 mA7.5-18vDC (9vDC recommended)
Mellow Yellow Tremolo5.5 mA7.5-15vDC
Mighty Red Distortion10.6 mA7.5-18vDC
Royal Blue Overdrive3.5 mA7.5-12vDC
Ruby Red Booster6 mA8-18vDC
Silver Spring Reverb80 mA6-9VDC (9vDC recommended)
Simble Overdrive10 mA9-12vDC
Simble Predriver0.1 / 2.5 mA (off/on)9vDC
Sky Blue Overdrive (handwired)5 mA7.5-18vDC
Snow White AutoWah15 mA9vDC
Snow White Bass AutoWah (handwired)15 mA9vDC
Stone Grey Distortion8 mA7.5-15vDC
Sweet Honey Overdrive5 mA7.5-18vDC
Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe6 mA7.5-18vDC
Tiny Orange Phaser26 mA8-10vDC (9vDC, thus)
Twimble13 mA9vDC

Note: Only handwired models that differ from their factory counterparts (or are only available as such) are listed. The other handwired pedals have the same specs as the factory pedals.

LR Baggs