PedalCurrent draw @ 9vDCVoltage range
182 mA8-12vDC
Albert’s Overdrive7 mA9vDC
Amber Overdrive3 mA7.5-12vDC
Big Tweedy Drive10 mA7.5-12vDC (9vDC recommended)
Blueberry Bass Overdrive4 mA8-12vDC
Bluebird Overdrive Delay47 mA7.5-12vDC
Deep Blue Delay20 mA8-15VDC
Double Moon85 mA8.5-12vDC
Dual Blue Delay80 mA8.5-12vDC
Electric Blue Chorus40 mA9-12vDC
Electric Blue II Chorus/Vibrato35 mA8.5-12vDC
Evolution Orange Underdrive10 mA8-18vDC
Fire Red Fuzz3 mA7.5-18vDC
Forest Green Compressor14 mA9-18vDC
Golden Cello43 mA9-12vDC
Kosmos (Kosmoz)90 mA8.5-12vDC
Little Green Wonder
The Green Wonder
4 mA7.5-18vDC
Little Green Wonder (handwired)6 mA7.5-18vDC
Little Tweedy Drive15 mA7.5-18vDC (9vDC recommended)
Loud’n Proud27 mA9vDC
Mellow Yellow Tremolo6 mA7.5-15vDC
Mighty Red Distortion11 mA7.5-18vDC
Royal Blue Overdrive4 mA7.5-12vDC
Ruby Red Booster6 mA8-18vDC
Silver Spring Reverb80 mA6-9VDC (9vDC recommended)
Simble Overdrive10 mA9-12vDC
Simble Predriver3 mA9vDC
Sky Blue Overdrive (handwired)5 mA7.5-18vDC
Snow White AutoWah<5 mA9vDC
Snow White Bass AutoWah (handwired)15 mA9vDC
Stone Grey Distortion8 mA7.5-15vDC
Super Black27 mA8-16vDC
Supreme15 mA8-12vDC
Sweet Honey Overdrive5 mA7.5-18vDC
Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe6 mA7.5-18vDC
Tiny Orange Phaser26 mA8-10vDC (9vDC, thus)
Twimble13 mA9vDC

Note: Only handwired models that differ from their factory counterparts (or are only available as such) are listed. The other handwired pedals have the same specs as the factory pedals.