PedalCurrent draw
Basstard? (probably 20 mA)
Black Beast
Coca Compressor12 mA
Cocaine Compressor / Preamp / Boost35 mA
Diablo GH Signature5 mA
Diablo, Diablo Plus20 mA
Diablo Dual5 mA
Dominator Red, Dominator Black45 mA
Holy Grit5 mA
T3 Triple Photocell Tremolo60 mA
Twinsonic20 mA
Twinsonic MkII
V.I.B. Variable Input Buffer9-18vDC

Note: Except where noted, OKKO pedals should never be run above 9 volts DC, since most of them feature an onboard voltage doubler circuit (sometimes switchable, other times permanent).

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