PedalCurrent draw
ABC-1 Anadime Bass Chorus17 mA
ADC-4 Anadime Chorus26 mA
BDI-1 Brick Drive Bass preamp/DI12vDC, 80 mA
BTC-1 Bass Boot Comp Bass compressor25 mA
DBS-1 Dual Bass Station preamp12vDC, 80 mA
DLY-4 Chrono Delay12vDC, 110 mA
HBL-4 Heat Blaster Distortion8 mA
ROD-1 Red Rock OD20 mA
SDR-4R Sonic Drive8 mA
SDT-2 Stampede DT Distortion20 mA
SOV-2 Stampede OD Overdrive20 mA
VFB-1 Vitalizer FB14 mA
VLC-1 Velvet Comp5 mA
VZW-1 Vitalizer VW, VZF-1 Vitalizer BF3 mA

BFX-1 Bass FX Console/DI12vDC, 160 mA
DVI-1M Dual Vitalized Routing Interface9-18vDC
P-4E A/B box
P-4LE 1 loop + A/B box
P-4TB True bypass box
30 mA (seems high for just LED operation?)
PEC-2 Routing System9vAC, 9w (which calculates to 1000mA)
PEC-4V Programmable Effects Controller12vDC, 8.2w (680 mA) with all 4 9vDC outputs fully loaded
STV-1JB System Tuner12 mA max (battery)
27 mA max (power supply)

Pladask Elektrisk
Rainger FX