PedalCurrent drawVoltage info
2NR Chromatic Tuner100 mA*9vDC
Aria13 mA @ 9vDC
19 mA @ 18vDC
Attack Sustain15vDC
Bass Envelope Phaser40 mA @ 18vDC9-18vDC
Bass Station40 mA18vDC
Bob Weir’s Real Deal18vDC
Class A Boost Micro2 mA @ 18vDC (100 mA listed*)9-18vDC
Constellator100 mA*9vDC
Cosmosis100 mA*9vDC
Disnortion34 mA @ 9vDC
140 mA @ 18vDC
Disnortion Micro9vDC only
Disnortion Series/Parallel100 mA*9-18vDC
Echolution 2 (E2, E2 Deluxe, Filter Pro, Ultra Pro)100 mA18vDC
Echolution 3100 mA*9vDC
Emanator100 mA*9vDC
Envelope Phaser35 mA18vDC
EP-1 Envelope Phaser12vAC
EP2 Envelope Phaser35 mA18vDC
Fat Drive, Bass Fat Drive38 mA @ 9vDC
120 mA @ 18vDC
Gamma Drive100 mA*9vDC
Gatekeeper17 mA18vDC
Gatekeeper Micro<20 mA (100 mA listed*)9vDC
Gloamer100 mA*9vDC
Infinity Looper200 mA18vDC
Infinity 2100 mA*9vDC
Infinity 3200 mA18vDC
Keymaster25 mA @ 18vDC9-18vDC
Moon Pool100 mA*9vDC
Mothership (18vDC version)120 mA18vDC
Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer100 mA18vDC
Octava Micro100 mA*9-18vDC
Phase Ranger100 mA*9vDC
Philosopher Bass Compressor11 mA @ 9vDC
15 mA @18vDC
Philosopher Bass Compressor Micro35 mA9vDC only
Philosopher King55 mA18vDC
Philosopher’s Gold100 mA*9vDC
Philosopher’s Rock11 mA @ 9vDC
15 mA @ 18vDC
Philosopher’s Tone50 mA12-18vDC
Philosopher’s Tone12 mA @ 12vDC
16 mA @ 18vDC
Philosopher’s Tone Micro35 mA (100 mA listed*)9vDC only
PolySaturator44 mA @ 9vDC
150 mA @ 18vDC
18vDC (pedal says 9-15vDC)
Quantum Time Modulator30 mA @ 9vDC
37 mA @ 18vDC
Resotron Tracking Filter100 mA*18vDC
Ringmaster Analog Multiplier18vDC
Rototron75 mA18vDC
Space Rip100 mA*9vDC
Star Eater100 mA*9vDC
Tide Rider100 mA*9vDC
Tremvelope40 mA18vDC

*Note: Many of the newer Pigtronix pedals have 9vDC/100mA current draws listed, even though some of them are analog circuits that shouldn’t draw that much. I suspect it is a blanket figure, which means some of them will definitely draw less. But without actual measurements for most of them, that’s what’s going in the list for now.

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