PedalCurrent drawVoltage info
Aria13 mA @ 9vDC
19 mA @ 18vDC
Attack Sustain15vDC
Bass Envelope Phaser40 mA @ 18vDC9-18vDC
Bass Station40 mA18vDC
Bob Weir’s Real Deal18vDC
Class A Boost Micro2 mA @ 18vDC (100 mA listed*)9-18vDC
Constellator100 mA*9vDC
Disnortion34 mA @ 9vDC
140 mA @ 18vDC
Disnortion Micro9vDC only
Disnortion Series/Parallel100 mA*9-18vDC
Echolution 2 (E2, E2 Deluxe, Filter Pro, Ultra Pro)100 mA18vDC
Echolution 3100 mA*9vDC
Emanator100 mA*9vDC
Envelope Phaser35 mA18vDC
EP-1 Envelope Phaser12vAC
EP2 Envelope Phaser35 mA18vDC
Fat Drive, Bass Fat Drive38 mA @ 9vDC
120 mA @ 18vDC
Gamma Drive100 mA*9vDC
Gatekeeper17 mA18vDC
Gatekeeper Micro<20 mA (100 mA listed*)9vDC
Gloamer100 mA*9vDC
Infinity Looper200 mA18vDC
Infinity 2100 mA*9vDC
Infinity 3200 mA18vDC
Keymaster25 mA @ 18vDC9-18vDC
Moon Pool100 mA*9vDC
Mothership (18vDC version)120 mA18vDC
Mothership 2 Analog Synthesizer100 mA*18vDC
Octava Micro100 mA*9-18vDC
Phase Ranger100 mA*9vDC
Philosopher Bass Compressor11 mA @ 9vDC
15 mA @18vDC
Philosopher Bass Compressor Micro35 mA9vDC only
Philosopher King55 mA18vDC
Philosopher’s Gold100 mA*9vDC
Philosopher’s Rock11 mA @ 9vDC
15 mA @ 18vDC
Philosopher’s Tone50 mA12-18vDC
Philosopher’s Tone12 mA @ 12vDC
16 mA @ 18vDC
Philosopher’s Tone Micro35 mA (100 mA listed*)9vDC only
PolySaturator44 mA @ 9vDC
150 mA @ 18vDC
18vDC (pedal says 9-15vDC)
Quantum Time Modulator30 mA @ 9vDC
37 mA @ 18vDC
Resotron Tracking Filter100 mA*18vDC
Ringmaster Analog Multiplier18vDC
Rototron75 mA18vDC
Space Rip100 mA*9vDC
Star Eater100 mA*9vDC
Tide Rider100 mA*9vDC
Tremvelope40 mA18vDC

*Note: Many of the newer Pigtronix pedals have 9vDC/100mA current draws listed, even though some of them are analog circuits that shouldn’t draw that much. I suspect it is a blanket figure, which means some of them will definitely draw less. But since those are the only figures we have, that’s what’s going in the list (until someone measures the actual current draw and reports it to me, that is 😉