PedalCurrent draw
Circle Looper300 mA (suggested minimum adapter capacity)
LAX Comp50 mA
White Tape Stereo Delay50 mA

Mini series
Blues Drive Overdrive8 mA
Boost Killer7 mA
Deluxe Looper100 mA
DI12 mA (website says ”positive tip”, but the pedal itself says center negative)
DT Deluxe Tuner90 mA
Dynamic Wah Auto Wah10 mA
Echo Square Digital Delay140 mA
Equalizer8 mA
Giant Metal Distortion25 mA
Golden Tremolo26 mA
Harmonic Square Pitch Shifter110 mA
Jet Convolution Flanger13 mA
Looper (without mode selector switch)128 mA
Mod Square Modulation140 mA
Morpher Distortion13 mA (website says ”positive tip”, but the pedal itself says center negative)
Noise Killer Noise Gate26 mA
Stylish Fuzz5 mA
Tutti Love Chorus10 mA
Ultimate Comp12 mA
Verb Square Reverb140 mA
Vowel Volume & Wah22 mA
Yellow Fall Delay42 mA

Nano series
Booster13 mA
Looper (with mode selector switch)96 mA
Metal Head Distortion31 mA
Ripple Tremolo9 mA
Tube Drive Overdrive21 mA
Tutti Chorus14 mA
Wave Analog Delay38 mA

Multi effects
Alpha Cruncher70 mA
Alpha Force70 mA
Arena 2000500 mA (adapter spec)

Preamp pedals
Green Land, Black Devil, Force 2, Incredible V, Sweet Juice200 mA

Force series
Black Arts Multi Digital Delay(NUX Time Force?)
White Wizard Multi Modulation(NUX Mod Force ?)

Dr. Scientist