PedalCurrent draw
385 Overdrive100 mA (internal voltage doubler - 9vDC only)
Ages Five-State Overdrive100 mA minimum
ARP-87 Multi-function Delay100 mA minimum
Deep Six Compressor9 mA (internal voltage doubler - 9vDC only)
Descent Reverb/Octave Machine130 mA
EB-10 Preamp/EQ/Boost100 mA minimum
Emissary Parallel Boost100 mA minimum
Fathom Multi-function Reverb100 mA
Iron Horse LM308 Distortion v210 mA
Janus Fuzz/Tremolo8 mA
Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato30 mA
Julianna Deluxe Chorus/Vibrato100 mA minimum
Jupiter Multi-Clip Fuzz v210 mA
Kangra Filter Fuzz100 mA minimum
Lilian Multi-Stage Analog Phaser30 mA minimum
Luminary Quad Octave Generator250 mA
Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo100 mA
Slö Multi-texture Reverb100 mA minimum
Voyager Preamp/Overdrive20 mA
Warhorn Midrange Overdrive9 mA
MAKO series
ACS1 Amp + Cab Simulator300 mA minimum
D1 High-Fidelity Delay300 mA minimum
R1 High-Fidelity Stereo Reverb300 mA minimum
Note: Walrus Audio has switched to stating a minimum power supply capacity, rather than actual current draw figures. Thus, the actual current draw figure may be smaller, but we don’t know by how much. Also, they recommend using a separate/isolated power source for all of their pedals.