PedalCurrent draw
Angry Charlie v311 mA (9-18vDC)
Artificial Blonde138 mA
AT+15 mA (9-18vDC)
Bonsai20 mA
Charlie Brown v49 mA
Cheese Ball9 mA
Clover46 mA
Colour Box v2193 mA
Crayon15 mA
Double Barrel v4108 mA
Emperor v257 mA*
Haunting Mids13 mA
Kilt v264 mA
Kodiak10 mA
Lucky Cat75 mA
Milkman23 mA
Mini Foot Fuzz v23 mA
Moonshine v230 mA*
Morning Glory v443 mA
Overdrive Preamp51 mA (website specs – manual says 9-18vDC, 5 mA)
PackRat100 mA
Panther Cub v267 mA
PG-1467 mA
Prestige Buffer/Booster7 mA
Pulp ’N’ Peel v432 mA
Space Commander84 mA
Spring Tank73 mA
Superbolt v23 mA*
Sweet Tea v351 mA
Tidewater3 mA
Twin Twelve34 mA
Unicorn v2100 mA
Whitey Tighty21 mA

3 series
Chorus70 mA
Compressor8 mA
Delay71 mA
Distortion9 mA
Flanger70 mA
Fuzz9 mA
Hall Reverb70 mA
Harmonic Trem65 mA
Octave Reverb65 mA
Overdrive12 mA
Phaser70 mA
Reverb74 mA
Screamer12 mA

Legends of Fuzz series
Bender, Berkeley, Crimson, Mary-K, Plugin, Smiley, Supreme4 mA

Utilities / Buffers
Active ABY47 mA
Buffered Splitter19 mA
Little Black Buffer19 mA
Summing Amp19 mA
Switchback31 mA
Volture 9v Voltage Sag Utility12 mA (plus the draw of the pedal you’re feeding) – 50 mA max load. 9-18vDC input voltage range.

Note: Unless where specifically mentioned, JHS clearly states that their pedals should not be powered above 9vDC. Some of these* have internal voltage doubling circuitry (so the pedal internally runs on 18vDC, from a 9vDC supply), but with others I don’t know exactly why. But either way, since they say ”Do not use more than 9V DC. Your warranty will be voided.” I strongly suggest not going above 9vDC, unless the specs clearly say it’s ok to do so.

JAM pedals