PedalPower requirements
Blackhole9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)
H9, H9 Max9-12vDC, 500mA center positive 2.5mm plug.
Manufacturer recommends 500mA @ 9vDC or 375mA @ 12vDC
Note: I have seen a measurement of 262mA @ 9vDC, but don't know the circumstances (startup, playing or idle running, which preset, MIDI operation etc)
MicroPitch Delay9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)
MixingLink9vDC, 170 mA (center negative)
Pitchfactor/Timefactor/Modfactor/Space9vDC, 400mA (can be as high as 500mA at startup), center positive 2.5mm plug
Rose9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)
TriceraChorus9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)
UltraTap9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)