PedalPower requirements
Blackhole9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)
H9, H9 Max9-12vDC, 500mA center positive 2.5mm plug.
Manufacturer recommends 500mA @ 9vDC or 375mA @ 12vDC
*Note: I have seen a measurement of 262mA @ 9vDC, but don’t know the circumstances (startup, playing or idle running, which preset, MIDI operation etc).
H909-12vDC center positive
Pedal says ”12W”, which comes out to 1.33A at 9vDC and 1A at 12vDC. Actual current draw has not been measured (yet).
MicroPitch Delay9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)
MixingLink9vDC, 170 mA (center negative)
Pitchfactor/Timefactor/Modfactor/Space9vDC, 400mA (can be as high as 500mA at startup), center positive 2.5mm plug
Rose9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)
TriceraChorus9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)
UltraTap9vDC, 500 mA (center negative)

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