PedalCurrent draw
Classic Chorus
Classic Flanger
Crunch Distortion
D-Seed Dual Channel Digital Delay75 mA
Digital Delay
Double Down Bass Octave & Compressor200 mA
Double Jammer300 mA
Double Vision Dual Tremolo/Chorus100 mA
Duality Dual Delay/Reverb200 mA
Dynamic Compressor
Evil Twin Dual Overdrive100 mA
Good Cop/Bad Cop Dual Overdrive100 mA
Mini Looper94 mA
Split Screen Dual Reverb/Tremolo200 mA
Sugar & Spice Dual Reverb & Chorus/Delay200 mA
Twoface Dual Overdrive/Tremolo100 mA
Ultimate Drive
Vintage Phase
Vintage Overdrive
Vintage Tremolo

Custom Line
Acoustic Preamp110 mA
AW-5 Auto Wah
Bass DI-Expander
CH-5 Chorus
CS-5 Compressor
DL-5 Delay
Dual Loop Switch
OD-5 Overdrive
Thunder 99 Power Amp24vDC, 4.5A supply (center+)
WP-60 Wah

TrueTone series
American Sound
British Sound
California Sound
Extreme Metal

MiniStomp series*

20 mA* (see note below)
5-Band Guitar EQ
Alien Signal Bitcrusher
Big Fur Fuzz
Copy Paste
Deep Blue Reverb
Dr. D Overdrive
Drop Kick Distortion
Edgy Digital Delay**
Fast Lane Flanger
Fuzzy Logic
Green Tint
Hot Mod Modulation engine
Intersection ABY(power for LED only)
Magnum D.I.
MicroCAB Speaker Emulator
Shaft Auto Wah**
Silly Fuzz
Spinner Rotary Speaker Emulator
Sucker Punch Distortion
The Deep Bass EQ
The Heat
Troubadour Acoustic Simulator
True Grit Overdrive

Other stuff (loop strips, tuners etc)
CPT-20 Chromatic Tuner37 mA
FXL8 Pro240 mA
StompControl 4-ISO loop switcher/power supply12vDC, 2A supply
TalkBox12vDC, 2A supply (center+)

*Note: At the time of writing, all pedals in the ”MiniStomp” series are listed at 20 mA current draw, even though some of them (for instance the digital reverb and looper) should draw far more. So while it may be a reasonable figure for the simpler circuits in that line (the Rodent, for instance), all of the digital circuits should rather be in the 100-200 mA range. I would of course want to see measurements of these pedals (as well as the dual pedals, which simply say 100 or 200 mA), but I’m not going to buy them all to find out 😀

**Note: Just as a couple of examples, the Mooer Reecho and Repeater (delays that are very similar to the MiniStomp Edgy) and the Funky Monkey (similar to the MiniStomp Shaft) are all listed at 128 mA… In fact, looking at the MiniStomp line, many of them seem to be very similar to pedals from the Mooer Micro series. So it could be a good idea to look at comparable pedals from that line, if you want to get a sense of how much your MiniStomp pedal draws.

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