PedalCurrent draw
AD121 Acoustic Driver DI25 mA
BDI21 Bass Driver DI26 mA
BEQ700 Bass EQ7 mA (30 mA stated)
BLE100 Bass Limiter Enhancer8 mA
BLE400 Bass Limiter Enhancer30 mA
BO100 Blues Overdrive13 mA
BOD400 Bass Overdrive30 mA
BSY600 Bass Synthesizer72 mA
CL9 Classic Compressor/Limiter30 mA
CS400 Compressor Sustainer30 mA
DD400 Digital Delay87 mA
DD600 Digital Delay70 mA
DM100 Distortion Modeler4 mA
DR600 Digital Reverb90 mA
Dual-Phase9-12vDC, 6w (670mA @ 9vDC)
EQ700 Graphic Equalizer8 mA
FX600 Digital Multi-FX130 mA
GDI21 Guitar Driver DI25 mA
HB01 Hellbabe Wah30 mA
HD300 Heavy Distortion30 mA
HM300 Heavy Metal30 mA
NR300 Noise Reducer30 mA
Octave Divider300 mA
OD300 Overdrive Distortion<5 mA
RV600 Reverb Machine30 mA (seems low to me, so give it at least 100 mA)
SF300 Super Fuzz30 mA
TM300 Tube Amp Modeler30 mA
TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive30 mA
TU300 Chromatic Tuner70 mA
UC200 Ultra Chorus30 mA
UM300 Ultra Metal30 mA
UO300 Ultra Octaver30 mA
UT300 Ultra Tremolo30 mA
UV300 Ultra Vibrato12 mA
VD400 Vintage Delay30 mA
VP1 Vintage Phaser30 mA stated (I also have a figure of 2 mA noted)
VT999 Vintage Tube Monster250 mA

Note: Behringer states 30 mA for most of the lower current pedals. This looks like a blanket ”safe” figure, while the actual current draw is less (as has been verified, in some cases). It doesn’t matter much, though, since you shouldn’t be cutting it that close (to where it matters if a pedal draws 15 or 30 mA) anyway. It is annoying, though, if they slap that figure on to pedals that actually uses more (RV600 – I’m looking at you)…

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