PedalCurrent drawVoltage info
1484 Twin Twelve?9vDC only
Amp Mode10 mA9-18vDC
Asabi120 mA9vDC only
Belle Starr20 mA9-18vDC
Bloom v2300 mA9vDC only
Blossom20 mA9-18vDC
Broken Arrow v2150 mA9vDC only
Fuzz Modular Fuzz50 mA9vDC only
Golden Boy150 mA9vDC only
New Wave300 mA (adapter spec)18vDC
Optimist150 mA9vDC only
Prism100 mA9vDC only

Note: Most of the pedals marked ”9vDC only” have internal voltage booster circuitry, and will be damaged by higher input voltages. In one or two cases, the pedal will not be damaged (up to 18vDC input), but nothing will be gained from raising the voltage. So unless the list says ”9-18vDC”, stick to 9vDC!

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