PedalCurrent drawVoltage info
DL-4, FM-4175-250 mA @ 9vDC2.5mm center positive plug. Also works with 9vAC.
DL-4 MkII270 mA9vDC, center negative
Constrictor, Crunchtone60 mA
Echo Park100 mA max
HX Effects2A minimum (stated)9vDC, center negative
HX One500 mA 9vDC, center negative
HX Stomp800-1000 mA (deduced by me, from tests described by Line6)9vDC, center negative
HX Stomp XL”Any power supply that works with HX Stomp should work fine with HX Stomp XL.” (Line 6 FAQ)9vDC, center negative
M5350 mA9vDC, center negative
M99-12vAC, 800mA
9vDC, 600mA / 12vDC, 480mA
(2.5mm plug, center negative or positive does not matter)
Space Chorus110 mA max
Relay G30 wireless receiver143 mA
Roto-Machine72 mA

Lehle / RMI