PedalCurrent drawVoltage/infoNegative ground
71/73 CM280 uA (0.28 mA)9-18vDC*
Albuquerque260 uA (0.26 mA)*
Black Box AY3-5 mA9-18vDC
BM-Q Special
500 uA (0.5 mA)
Galaxy 101118vDC (9v battery = less headroom)
Heritage Crunch4 mA*
J-Fuzz2 mA*
Powderfinger4 mA*
RMG50 uA (0.05 mA)9-18vDC*
RPA350 uA (0.35 mA)9-18vDC*
RPA California
RPA Major
350 uA (0.35 mA)*
RPA California II
RPA Full Quarter
400 uA (0.4 mA)*
Spectrum800 uA (0.8 mA)
Studio & Live ’75300uA (0.3 mA)*
Supreme3 mA

Twangtone by BSM
Buzzbender Bass Fuzzcenter positive
Powderfinger4 mA*

Notes: BSM offers an impressive – almost bewildering – range of trebleboosters. Most units are battery only, with a current draw of less than 1 mA. This list contains only the units that have adapter jacks.

Voltage is 9vDC unless otherwise noted. Some units have a note that indicates the pedal is negative ground, which leads to the assumption that the others are positive ground and therefore require an isolated/separate power source. Not that it matters much which is which – all these units should have an isolated source, regardless.

All adapter jacks (except the Twangtone series Buzzbender) are regular center negative, 2.1mm type.

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