PedalCurrent draw
0xEAE Boost120 mA
Beholder120 mA
Citadel65 mA
Dagger50 mA (9-18vDC)
Dude Incredible v130 mA
Dude Incredible v290 mA
Eldritch Blast80 mA
Halberd50 mA
Hypersleep60 mA
Limelight80 mA
Longsword75 mA
Model feT65 mA
µ Blaster (Mu Blaster)9vDC only
Sending100 mA
Surveyor75 mA

Except where noted, EAE pedals are all 9vDC only. Some even have overvoltage protection circuitry, which shuts the pedal down if the incoming voltage gets too high.

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