PedalCurrent draw
Boneyard Fuzz20 mA
Camoflange50 mA
Chain Home
Fallout Cloud (Muffroom Cloud)12 mA
Field Marshal
FLIR Buffer
Gunshot25 mA
Heavy Water Dual Boost24 mA
Peacekeeper25 mA
Pulse Doppler50 mA
Scarlett Tunic30 mA
Team Medic35 mA
The Bunker
The Dane34 mA
The Deep Oggin50 mA
The Fat General35 mA
The Veteran Fuzz20 mA
Warthog25 mA

Note: Some ThorpyFX pedals use an internal voltage doubler (either to boost the voltage to +18vDC or to create a bipolar +/-9vDC supply), and feeding those more than 9vDC will damage them. But the manual for all ThorpyFX pedals clearly states ”Do not attempt to use this pedal with other voltages or polarities”, so stick to 9vDC center negative for all of them.

The GigRig
Tone City