PedalCurrent draw
FC Series
FC01 Drum Loop210 mA
FC02 Reverb130 mA
FC03 Delay150 mA
FC05 Mod150 mA
FC06 Dist6 mA
FC07 Drive7 mA
FC10 Gate26 mA
FC11 Envelope20 mA
FC 14 Analog Chorus9 mA
FC15 Analog Flanger10 mA
FC16 Optical Tremolo5 mA
FC17 Analog Delay40 mA
FC18 Booster6 mA
FC19 Black Dist3 mA
FC20 Brit Dist7 mA
FC21 Analog Comp10 mA

FS Series
FS01 Drum Loop300 mA
FS02 Reverb300 mA
FS03 Delay300 mA
FS05 Multi Modulation300 mA
FS06 Digital Preamp300 mA
FS07 Cab300 mA
FS21 Looper & Drum300 mA
FS22 Ekoverb300 mA

FV Series (Vocal Effects)**
FV01 Corrector
FV02 Doubling
FV03 Character
FV04 Harmony
9vDC, 500 mA (recommended adapter capacity)


Power supply specs
FX1009vDC, 300 mA center negative
FX2009vDC, 1A center negative

Note 1: The FS series pedals all have the same 300 mA stated current draw. This is obviously a ”suggested adapter spec” figure, rather than actual current draw (which will be less). If I get any measured ”real world” figures for these pedals, they will of course be posted here.

**Note 2: For the FV series, support for +48v phantom power is mentioned, and a ”48v” switch is present on the back of the units. However, it is unknown if the pedal itself can also be phantom powered. My guess is it can’t, and always needs its power supply to function.

Formula B Pedals