PedalCurrent draw
Ace Octave Fuzz5 mA
Box of War Reissue OG
Box of War (Small Foot)
6 mA
Caprid (Small Foot)6 mA
Elephant Skin7 mA
Eye See ’787 mA
Forest for the Trees5 mA
Garbage Face7 mA
Garbage Face Jr6 mA
HangMan 2D10 mA
Phat Phuk, Phat Phuk B<5 mA
Super Russian7 mA
Tall Font Russian6 mA
The Caprid OG
The Caprid OG Blue-Violet, Black-Violet
6 mA
The Good One5 mA
The White Elk (Small Foot)6 mA
Tri-Pie ’706 mA
Two-Five – 25v Overdrive35 mA
Your Face ’60s6 mA center positive
(positive ground – requires separate/isolated power source)
Your Face ’70s6 mA

What’s with all the 5-7 mA numbers, you may ask? Well, most of the Wren & Cuff line is made up of variations on the Big Muff circuit (from different ”eras” of that pedal’s existence), so they are bound to be fairly close. Does it matter whether the pedal draws 5, 6 or 7mA? Not really – one could just as easily have said ”less than 10 mA” for all the Big Muff-derived pedals, and have been done with it. Or ”less than 50 mA” for all the Wren & Cuff pedals, since you really should be giving them their own 100mA outputs anyway. But what would be the fun in that? 😉