PedalCurrent draw @ 9vDC
Anubi Ambient Box70 mA
Anubi Modulation Box70 mA
Ballade<100 mA
Bass Muffin<100 mA
Cream<100 mA
Echoes<100 mA
Echosex Baby<100 mA
Fenix<100 mA
Futura<100 mA
Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface<100 mA
Knee Trembler Tremolo<100 mA
Korus<100 mA
Maitresse Analog Flanger<100 mA
Manic<100 mA
Muffin<100 mA
QBoost<100 mA
Rats<100 mA
Ryder Germanium RAT<100 mA
Sinister<100 mA
Squeeze<100 mA
T7E Baby140 mA
XYZ Waves<100 mA

Note: All pedals are rated for 9-12vDC operation. As always, the ”<100mA” numbers are blanket ”safe” numbers, and the actual current draw will be less. If/when I see some real world numbers, they will obviously be added to the list.

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