PedalCurrent draw
1927 Home Run King Comp18 mA
Bath Time Reverb140 mA
Car Crush Chorus/Vibe6 mA
Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster1 mA
Diamond Peak Hybrid Over Drive1 mA
Double Spy Mission is Impossible Filter1 mA
Firewood Acoustic DI (MkI, MkII)5 mA
Fishing Is As Fun As Fuzz5 mA
Foxes Talking of Dreamy Fuzz1 mA
I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion6 mA
Major Overdrive
Push & Pull Distortion<1 mA
Relaxing Walrus Delay35 mA
Rover Fuzz
Rust Rod Fuzz
Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender1 mA
Surfing Bear Overdrive15 mA
Surfing Polar Bear Bass Overdrive4 mA
Tioga Road Cycling Distortion1 mA
Vintage Van Driving is Very Fun6 mA