PedalCurrent draw
1979 Op-Amp Fuzz8 mA
Bayou Trem2 mA
Clarity70 mA
Colossus3 mA
Cream Pie<1 mA
Crosstown Fuzz2 mA
Dewdrop68 mA
Dream Mender70 mA
El Guapo2 mA
Extra Special11 mA
Iron Bell12 mA
Little Wonder70 mA
Magpie15 mA
Mr O70 mA
Octaverse70 mA
Odessa12 mA
One Ton Bee2 mA
Park Theatre70 mA
Rook6 mA
Rook Royale30 mA
RVT65 mA
Sacred Cow21 mA
Speakeasy3 mA
Sugar Baby Tremolo4 mA
Swim Team70 mA

Note: Many pedals here have a stated current draw of 70 mA. Some of those are digital while others are more simple analog circuits. So we don’t know the precise actual numbers for those pedals. But it actually doesn’t matter too much, since you really should give them their own 100mA or more output anyway 🙂