PedalCurrent drawVoltage range*
3D Triple Delay74 mA
Aquabox6 mA9-12vDC
Blasteroid Fuzz?9vDC only
Blower Box Bass Distortion5 mA (9-12vDC)9-12vDC
Blower Box Deluxe6 mA (9-18vDC)9-18vDC
Cool Buzz Bass Fuzz16 mA9-12vDC
Dark Tides Chorus?
Dark Waves Echo Chorus66 mA9vDC only
Dead Space Invader?9vDC only
Death Master9 mA9-12vDC
DeathRay9 mA
Dragon Sound Tone Booster27 mA9vDC only
Dungeon Master10 mA9-12vDC
End of Line2 mA
Flash Stutter Deluxe?
Han-Taun Overdrive20 mA9vDC only
Heavy Weapon?
Hobo Santa Fuzz?
Landphil Bass Distortion15 mA
Lost Ark12 mA
Mad Doctor Deluxe12 mA
MK Fuzz Drive25 mA
No Moon17 mA
Power Drive16 mA9vDC only
Repo Man50 mA
Rock’n’Roll Nightmare 20 mA
Ron F***ing Swanson Super Fuzz4 mA9-12vDC
Static Fuzz4 mA9-12vDC
Whores. Fuzz Freq v2?

* Voltage range ”if other than 9vDC” – if no voltage range is noted, the pedal is regular 9vDC center negative. ”9vDC only” is noted where the manufacturer has clearly stated higher voltages will cause damage (most likely because the pedal has onboard voltage doubling circuits).

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