PedalCurrent draw
A Sound Odyssey72 mA
Finlandia155 mA
Glam155 mA
Photobia Compressor7 mA
Roadie MIDI controller220 mA (120 mA)*
Servus! Roots220 mA (70 mA)*
Yodelino40 mA (22 mA)*
Yodelmaster45 mA
Yodelmaster225 mA

Note: Servus! Pedale states 9vDC as the only allowed voltage – the use of anything else will void the warranty.

* Some pedals have different current draw figures posted on the website vs in the manual. The differences are quite large (by a factor or 2 or even 3)… I have posted the higher figure first, with the lower one in paranthesis.

Seymour Duncan