PedalCurrent draw
ARDX20 Dual Delay15 mA
AMAZE0, AMAZE1 controller30 mA
AR20DL14 mA
Astro Tone Fuzz3 mA
Bad Bob Boost3 mA (9-18vDC)
Beano Boost5 mA
Block Logo Envelope Filter<10 mA
Buffer<10 mA (9-18vDC)
Chorus, Bi-Chorus, Mini Chorus<10 mA
Comprossor, Bi-Comprossor, Bi-Comp10 mA
Duke of Tone (MXR)6 mA
King of Tone10 mA
Peppermint Fuzz(separate/isolated power source required)*
Prince of Tone6 mA
Sun Bender Mk1.5, MkIV(separate/isolated power source required)*
Sun Face(separate/isolated power source required)*
Sun Lion Fuzz Booster(separate/isolated power source required)*

* Note: These pedals are positive ground, and require a separate/isolated power source. In the case of the Sun Face, some of the versions are PNP/positive ground, while others are NPN/negative ground, but an isolated source is recommended for all of them. Voltage and polarity is always 9vDC, center negative.

Analog Alien