PedalCurrent drawInfo
Bleach<80 mA9vDC only
Fernweh Multi Echo Module<80 mA
Jive – Reel Saturator<50 mA9-18vDC
Kaleidoscope Ultra<120 mA
Katastrophe<50 mA9vDC only – internal voltage booster
Mayo<50 mA9vDC only
Silvermachine<50 mA9vDC only
Super Weirdo<50 mA
Warlow Fuzz<50 mA

Note: JPTR FX states ”less than” x mA, rather than a precise current draw. Some of the <50 mA ones may well draw far less than 50 mA, thus. But you probably should keep them on their own outputs anyway, so the supplied figures will work fine as a guide.

The Katastrophe is strictly 9vDC, due to an internal charge pump boosting the voltage to 18vDC. A few of the others say 9vDC ”only” on the pedal itself, but no mention of why. The only one that mentions higher voltages is the Jive, so I’d stick to 9vDC for all the others.