PedalCurrent draw
AirTrash30 mA
Analog Kick Drum MKII20 mA
Bad Passenger Fuzz MKII25 mA
Drone Tone MKIII<20 mA
Double Gate Drone Synthesizer
FloraVoltn/a (fruit/veg powered)
Inflection Point
Just A Phase50 mA
QuadraMix Clear
Solar Sound Overdrive
Solar Sound Desktop Saturator
n/a (sun/light powered)
Swell Echo
TetraStep MKIII Clear<50 mA
TremStortion30 mA
Warble Swell Echo MKII50 mA

Note: Mattoverse says ”Standard Center-Pin Negative 9VDC Power only” for their pedals. Now, that could just mean they are adapter only (no battery connection), or that the voltage should be 9vDC only. I’d say both, just to be safe. Unless you’re using the FloraVolt or Solar Sound, of course 😉

Matthews Effects