PedalCurrent drawInfo
Bat, Bat Cold War2 mA
Bloom30 mA
Disambiguation3 mA
Distortion30 mA
Fat Bat7 mA
FET OverBooster5 mA9vDC only*
Heavy Bat7 mA
Hoverla12 mA
Inglorious Bastard4 mA
Ivan Mazepa10 mA
Jellyfish35 mA9vDC only*
Lighthouse31 mA
Secret Sauce4 mA
Taras Bulba Mk24 mA
The Forest Song9vDC only!*
Tornado Mk210 mA
Trainer TS-1527 mA9vDC only*
Trainer TS-10050 mA9vDC only*

*Note: These pedals contain internal voltage booster circuitry. 9vDC is specified for all Drunk Beaver pedals, but these should under absolutely no circumstances be powered above that voltage.