PedalCurrent draw
’59 Sound Vertical3 mA
Basstortion2 mA
Box Of Metal6 mA
Box of Rock3 mA
Channel 2<10 mA
Distortron2 mA
Double Rock2 mA
Fat Fuzz Factory4 mA
Fuzz Factory3 mA
Fuzzolo<10 mA
Instant Lo-Fi Junky<20 mA
Jonny Octave
LoFi Loop Junky12 mA
Loop Gate10 mA
Machine3 mA
Mastotron1 mA
Octane, Octane 3<4 mA
Sonar10 mA
Super Duper 2in13 mA
Super Ringtone100mA capacity recommended
Super Seek Trem100mA capacity recommended
Super Seek Wah100mA capacity recommended
Vibrophase”average battery life”(?)
Woolly Mammoth0.4 mA
Woolly Mammoth 7