PedalCurrent draw
Guitar/bass multi-effects, acoustic DI
606 Guitar Compact Multi-Series78 mA
A1 Four / A1X Four500 mA max (adapter spec)*
AC-2, AC-3 Acoustic Creator500 mA max (adapter spec)*
B1 Four / B1X Four500 mA max (adapter spec)*
B1Xon Bass Multi-Effect500 mA max (adapter spec)*
B3 Bass Effects & Amp Simulator143 mA
B3N Bass Multi-Effects Processor500 mA max (adapter spec)*
B6 Bass Multi-Effects Processor500 mA max (adapter spec)*
G1 Four / G1X Four
G2 Four / G2X Four
500 mA max (adapter spec)*
G1on150 mA
G3N / G3XN500 mA max (adapter spec)*
G5N, G6500 mA max (adapter spec)*
G1112vDC center +, unknown capacity

HL-01 Hyper Driveapprox 20 mA
PD-01 Power Driveapprox 30 mA
TM-01 Tri Metalapprox 20 mA
UF-01 Ultra Fuzz18 mA
Zoom Driver (5000)110 mA
Zoom Choir (5050)140 mA peak

MultiStomp series
MultiStomp MS-50G135 mA
MultiStomp MS-60B140 mA
MultiStomp MS-70CDR125 mA / 145 mA (mono/stereo in)
MultiStomp MS-100BT125 mA / 145 mA (mono/stereo in)**

*Note: 500 mA is the capacity of the AD-16 adapter suggested by Zoom. All the current Zoom multi-effects use the same adapter, and finding out the actual current draw would require measuring each unit at different loads/tasks. At any rate, a supply that can provide 9vDC, 500 mA center negative should work (I don’t know if the plug is the standard 5.5×2.1mm type, though).

**Note: this is an estimate, based on the figures for the MS-70CDR and the stated battery life figures from the spec sheet.

Zander Circuitry