PedalCurrent draw
B3 Bass Effects & Amp Simulator143 mA
HL-01 Hyper Driveapprox 20 mA
PD-01 Power Driveapprox 30 mA
TM-01 Tri Metalapprox 20 mA
UF-01 Ultra Fuzz18 mA
Zoom Driver (5000)110 mA
Zoom Choir (5050)140 mA peak
MultiStomp MS-50G135 mA
MultiStomp MS-60B140 mA
MultiStomp MS-70CDR125 mA / 145 mA (mono/stereo in)
MultiStomp MS-100BT 125 mA / 145 mA (mono/stereo in)*
* Note: this is an estimate, based on the figures for the MS-70CDR and the stated battery life figures from the spec sheet.


Zvex effects