PedalCurrent draw
Angry Fuzz (V2)17 mA
Comp 66 (V2)12 mA
Double Trouble (V2)24 mA
Dual Tap Delay120 mA
H20 (V2)55 mA
H2O (V3)56 mA
Jeckyl & Hyde (V2)30 mA
Jeckyl & Hyde (V3)49 mA
Liquid Chorus (V2)19 mA
Open Road (V2)17 mA
Pure Tone (Visual Sound)4 mA
Route 66 (V2)24 mA
Route 66 (V3)36 mA
Route 808 (V2)12 mA
Son of Hyde (V2)19 mA
Tap Delay92 mA
Time Bandit43-54 mA
Truetone Clean Boost (V2)17 mA
Van’s Warped Distortion (V2)14 mA
Visual Volume26-30 mA
VS-XO36 mA

Garagetone series
Axle Grease Delay39 mA
Chainsaw Distortion13 mA
Drivetrain Overdrive19 mA
Garagetone Tremolo14 mA
Oil Can Phaser10 mA

Note: Truetone was previously known as Visual Sound. I do not have the figures for the original (V1) series pedals. They might be similar to their V2 and V3 counterparts, but that’d at best be a guess on my part.

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