PedalCurrent drawVoltage/notes
Nano, XO, Micro, Pico series
#1 Echo185 mA
360 Nano Looper90 mA
72075 mA
1440 Stereo Looper150 mA
2020 Pedal Tuner10 mA
22500 Dual Stereo Looper240 mA 9vDC (10.5vDC max)
Analogizer Tone Shaper18 mA
Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator140 mA
B9 / C9 Organ Machine94 mA
Bad Stone Phase Shifter18 mA
Bass9 Bass Machine100 mA
BassBalls Nano3 mA
Bass Big Muff Nano4 mA
Bass Big Muff Pi7 mA
Bass Blogger10 mAEarly versions of this pedal were positive ground and required separate/isolated power source. This has since been corrected, and later units are regular negative ground. I don’t know exactly when the change happened, I’m afraid.
Bass Clone Bass Chorus11 mA
Bass Micro Synth55 mA
Bass Preacher33 mA
Bass Soul Food22 mA
Battalion Bass Preamp & DI100 mA
Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker5 mA
Big Muff Op-Amp6 mA
Blurst! Modulated Filter56 mA
Canyon150 mA
Cathedral165 mA
Clockworks Rhythm Generator/Synthesizer300 mA18vDC, center positive
CNTL Knob (Static expression pedal)5 mA (unit is passive – power is only to power LEDs)
Cock Fight Cocked Talking Wah40 mA
Cock Fight Plus Talking Wah & Fuzz50 mA
Crash Pad Electronic Crash Drum22 mA
Crayon Full-Range Overdrive10 mA
Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi14 mA
Deluxe Big Muff Pi22 mA
Deluxe Electric Mistress40 mA
Deluxe Memory Boy100 mA
Deluxe Memory Man (XO)<100mA 24vDC, center positive (possibly 2.5mm plug)
Deluxe Memory Man 550TT, 1100TT200mA 9vDC (mA is adapter spec – actual draw is probably less)
Double Muff3 mA
Dr Q Nano2 mA
East River Drive6 mA
Eddy Vibrato/Chorus40 mA
EHX Tortion JFET Overdrive30 mA
Enigma: Q-balls135 mA
Epitome Reverb/Flanger/Octave185 mA
Flatiron Fuzz5 mA
Freeze96 mA
Germanium 4 Big Muff Pi12 mA
Germanium OD2 mA
Good Vibes Analog Modulator45 mA
Grand Canyon Delay & Looper150 mA
Graphic Fuzz100 mA
Green Russian Big Muff Pi3 mA
Hell Melter140 mA
Holy Grail Max80 mA
Holy Grail Nano110 mA
Holy Grail Neo Reverb75 mA
Holy Grail Plus180-195 mA
Hot Tubes Overdrive18 mA
Hot Wax Dual Overdrive75 mA
Hum Debugger125 mA7.5vAC
Intelligent Harmony Machine26 mA 10.5vDC max voltage
(mA is EHX specs – seems low to me)
Iron Lung Vocoder150 mA
J Mascis Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi2 mA
Key9 Electric Piano Machine100 mA
Lester G Deluxe Rotary Speaker Emulator79 mA
Lester K Stereo Rotary Speaker Emulator135 mA
Little Big Muff4 mA
Lizard Queen5 mA
LPB-1 Nano2 mA
Mainframe Bit Crusher90 mA
Mel9 Tape Replay Machine100 mA
Memory Boy30 mA(45 mA stated)
Memory Toy18 mA
Metal Muff with Top Boost24 mA
Micro Metal Muff18 mA
Micro POG180 mA
Micro Q-Tron15 mA
Micro Synth55 mA
MOD 11 Modulator150 mA
Mod Rex Polyrhythmic Modulator100 mA
Mono Synth Guitar
Mono Synth Bass
125 mA
Nano Bass Big Muff Pi4 mA
Nano Big Muff Pi3 mA
Nano Battalion45 mA
Nano Clone10 mA (Positive ground – requires separate/isolated power source)
Nano Deluxe Memory Man150 mA9vDC (12vDC max voltage)
Nano Looper 36090 mA
Nano Metal Muff24 mA
Nano Operation Overlord50 mA
Nano POG25 mA
Nano Pulsar30 mA
Nano Q-Tron Envelope Filter10 mA
Nano Small Stone12 mA
Neo Clone Analog Chorus12 mA
Neo Mistress Flanger30 mA
Oceans 11 Reverb137 mA
Oceans 12 Dual Stereo Reverb150 mA
Octave Multiplexer11 mA
Octavix9 / 62 mA(9v / 24v mode) (input voltage is always 9vDC)
OD Glove6 / 12 mA(9v / 18v mode) (input voltage is always 9vDC)
Op Amp Big Muff Pi5 mA
Operation Overlord90 mA
Pitch Fork25 mA (The 30 mA stated figure seemed low to me, but the pedal was later measured, confirming the low current draw. Still don’t know how that works with a pitch shifter, though… )
Pitch Fork +120 mA
Platform Stereo Compressor/Limiter125 mA
Pocket Metal Muff9 mA
POG2180 mA
Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi2 mA
Ravish Sitar160 mA
Riddle158 mA
Ring Thing190 mA
Ripped Speaker Fuzz10 mA
Satisfaction Fuzz2 mA
Satisfaction Plus5 mA
Silencer Noise Gate & Effects Loop22 mA
Slammi Plus Pitch Shifter25 mA (stated figure – seems low to me)
Slap-Back Echo (pico)15 mA
Small Stone EH4800 Phase Shifter10 mA
Soul Food22 mA
Soul POG Overdrive/Octave125 mA
Soul Preacher34 mA
Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi22 mA
Spruce Goose Overdrive20 mA
Stereo Clone Theory14 mA
Stereo Electric Mistress160 mA
Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai170mA
Stereo Polychorus XO110mA
Stereo Pulsar17 mA
Stereo Talking Machine185 mA
String9 String Ensemble100 mA
Superego, Superego+140 mA
Super Pulsar Stereo Tap Tremolo165 mA
Super Space Drum25 mA
Super Switcher Programmable Effects Hub150 mA
Switchblade Plus16 mA (unit is passive – power is for LED operation only)
Switchblade Pro165 mA
Synth9100 mA
The Mole Nano1 mA
Tone Corset Analog Compressor10 mA
Tone Tattoo Analog Delay/Chorus/Distortion75 mA
Triangle Big Muff Pi3 mA
Tri Parallel Mixer45 mA
Turnip Greens Overdrive/Reverb125 mA
V256 Vocoder200 mA
Voice Box Vocal Harmony Machine / Vocoder200 mA
Wailer Wah6 mA
Walking on the Moon
(Andy Summers Flanger/Filter Matrix)
40 mA
White Finger Compressor<100 mA40vDC, center positive

NYC DSP (Pico) series
Pico Attack Decay100 mA
Pico Canyon Echo100 mA
Pico Deep Freeze100 mA
Pico Oceans 3-verb100 mA
Pico Platform Compressor/Limiter100 mA
Pico POG100 mA
Pico Pitch Fork100 mA
Pico Rerun Tape Delay100 mA
Pico Triboro Bridge OD/Dist/Fuzz100 mA

Pedalboard amps
15 Watt Howitzer Guitar Amp/Preamp1000 mA24vDC, center positive
44 Magnum 2000 mA24vDC, center positive
5mm Guitar Power Amp500 mA9vDC

Original and reissue (big box) Big Muffs*
Triangle knob version6 mA
”Ram’s head” version9 mA
Model 3 (the ”standard” Big Muff)4 mA
Op-amp version, brown pcb (EH-3003)4 mA
Op-amp version, green pcb (EH1322)4 mA
Black russian RI5 mA
Green russian RI6 mA
Tan russian RI5 mA
NYC Reissue Big Muff5 mA

Other (big box) EHX pedals
8 Step Program Analog Expression/CV Sequencer100 mA
2880350 mA9vDC, center positive
45000 Multi-Track Looping Recorder190 mA 9vDC (10.5vDC max)
95000 Performance Loop Laboratory320 mA 9vDC (10.5vDC max)
BassBalls (Sovtek)7 mA
Deluxe Memory Man
(wall wart version)
41 mA24vDC (2.5mm center positive plug)
Doctor Q Envelope filter3 mA
HOG2 Harmonic Octave Generator170 mA
Holy Grail225 mA (tip positive 1/8″ plug)
Mini Qtron3 mA
Muff Fuzz2 mA
Small Clone
(EH4600 Full-Chorus, Mini-Chorus)
7-10 mA
Pulsar18 mA
POG, Holier Grail, Hoax(18vDC, center +)

*Note: Many of the Big Muff readings came from Dirk, my Muff connosieur friend from Germany. Visit his site at!

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